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What stands out in the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad? Does Ukraine have what it takes to make it through the qualifiers? Click on V9Bet's article to find out.
11/10/2023 - Update: V9Bet

Ukraine Euro 2024 Squad – Youth or Experience?

The current Ukraine Euro 2024 squad is causing some big surprises in the qualifying matches. The Eastern European team is performing impressively in a group that includes England and Italy. So, who are the standout players in Ukraine's squad? Can Ukraine make it to Euro 2024 with their current squad? V9Bet will provide the answers right now.

Ukraine's Call-Up List

The Ukraine national team is going through a major crisis due to political issues and conflicts. Nevertheless, with their team spirit, the Yellow and Blue are showing relatively impressive form in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. The team has called up their best players with the aim of securing a spot in Germany next summer.


The squad Ukraine has gathered features some notable names

  • In the goalkeeper position, alongside the veteran Pyatov, the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad also includes the services of two young goalkeepers, Lunin and Riznyk. These are quality goalkeepers in excellent form.
  • In defense, Ukraine is bringing several standout players to the Euro 2024 qualifiers, including Matviyenko, Zinchenko, Kryvtsov, Mykolenko, and Tymchyk. These are all top defenders who have had successful careers with major European clubs.
  • The midfield and attack in the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad is a perfect combination of experienced stars like Yarmolenko, Stepanenko, Tsyhankov, Zubkov, Mudryk, and Yaremchuk. With these midfielders and forwards, the Ukraine national team can pose a challenge to any opponent.

Strengths of the Current Ukraine National Team

As introduced above, the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad consists of many standout players, and the team from Eastern Europe is highly regarded by its opponents. While they may not have numerous superstar players, some key individuals like Zinchenko and Mudryk can make a difference in Ukraine's playing style. The team's strength is reflected in the following area

Goalkeeper Position

The Ukraine Euro 2024 squad currently boasts many quality goalkeepers with excellent reflexes. In several matches, these goalkeepers have secured valuable points for the team. The three most prominent goalkeepers in the Ukraine squad are Pyatov, Lunin, and Riznyk.



In the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad, Oleksandr Zinchenko plays a pivotal role

Against stronger opponents, the Ukraine national team often employs a defensive counter-attacking strategy. Therefore, the team's strength lies primarily in defense. This is quite understandable as Ukraine has many quality defenders, including some who have been key figures at renowned European clubs. The standout defenders in the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad include Matviyenko, Zinchenko, Serhiy Kryvtsov, Vitaliy Mykolenko, Zabarnyi, and Tymchyk. These players will play a crucial role in Ukraine's matches against strong attacking teams from England or Italy.


In addition to the crucial defensive role, the attacking strength of the Ukraine national team from Eastern Europe is evident in the midfield. These players dictate the team's style of play and create quick counter-attacking opportunities that lead to goals. The midfielders in the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad include skillful players with great passing ability like Yarmolenko, Stepanenko, Malinovskyi, Tsyhankov, Ihnatenko, and Pikhalyonok. Among them, the veteran Yarmolenko plays a particularly prominent role. He covers a wide area on the field and provides decisive assists for the forwards to score.


Veteran Yarmolenko - Ukraine's Talented Midfielder

Forward Position

On the attacking front, the Ukraine national team doesn't possess big-name stars. Instead, they rely on some impressive young players who have performed exceptionally well at top-tier clubs. The standout player among them is Mudryk, who currently plays for Chelsea. He is a versatile and pacey forward with precise passing. Additionally, the main striker, Yaremchuk, represents the team's biggest hope in the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad's attack.

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Through today's article, we have provided comprehensive information about the Ukraine Euro 2024 squad. This team combines many young talents with experienced veterans, making Ukraine a challenging opponent for any team. Stay updated with V9Bet for more news on top European national teams.