Debunking the Rumor: UEFA Nations League Champion's Direct Entry to Euro 2024?
Is the UEFA Nations League champion getting direct entry to Euro 2024? Numerous rumors surrounding this topic have left fans in a dilemma. Click to unravel the truth!
18/08/2023 - Author: V9BET

Do UEFA Nations League Champions Get Special Treatment for Euro 2024?

Are the UEFA Nations League champions granting any special privileges or benefits for Euro 2024? Soccer enthusiasts around the globe must be incessantly wondering about this. Understanding your concerns, V9Bet will provide a comprehensive answer below.

Who are the reigning champions of the UEFA Nations League 2023?

The UEFA Nations League 2023 final, which took place on June 19, witnessed a neck-and-neck battle between Spain and Croatia. The contest even went goalless in regular and extra time. This led to a penalty shootout to determine the winner. In the end, the final score was 5-4 in favor of the Spanish team. With this victory, the "Red Fury" has won the UEFA Nations League for the first time. This marks the third time in the tournament's history that a national team has been crowned champion, following Portugal in the 2018/2019 season and France in the 2020/2021 season. After a grueling and competitive journey, the Spanish team triumphantly clinched the UEFA Nations League 2023 title. Football enthusiasts will never forget the dramatic moments and the memorable penalty shootout in this match.


Spain brilliantly clinches the Nations League 2023 championship

Do UEFA Nations League champions get a Euro 2024 wildcard?

The answer might surprise many: No special entries, no direct qualifications, or any other favors. And there are very clear reasons for this. Both the Nations League and Euro are organized by UEFA and contribute to the development of European soccer. However, the Nations League is entirely independent and has no direct connection with the Euro Championship. Even if a team wins the Nations League title, it does not guarantee them a spot in the Euro final tournament.


Euro and Nations League share the same organizing but are unrelated

To participate in the Euro 2024 finals, teams must go through tough and competitive qualifiers. This process will select the top 20 teams to compete in Germany the following summer. Notably, Germany, as the host, gets an automatic spot in the finals. The remaining places are reserved for the top teams from each UEFA Nations League 2022/23 group, excluding League D. However, if the group leaders from the Nations League have already qualified for Euro 2024, the play-off spots are transferred to the next best-performing team in the same group. The final opportunity belongs to the 12 best-selected teams to compete in the play-offs in March 2024. Ultimately, only the three best teams from these play-offs will qualify for the Euro 2024 finals.

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No one gets a wildcard entry to Euro 2024 except the host, Germany

from the above, it's clear that the UEFA Nations League champion won't receive any special entry into Euro 2024. Every team will fairly compete to be part of Europe's grandest football fest. Don't forget to stay updated on the latest news about Euro 2024 on V9Bet!