The list of 16 teams participating in U23 Asian Cup final 2024
U23 Asian Cup Final 2024 has 16 participating teams, including Vietnam and Thailand, each team has its strengths for marking an impressive in this tournament.
2024/02/16 Author: V9Bet

The list of 16 teams participating in U23 Asian Cup final 2024

After stressful and difficult qualifying rounds, the 16 best teams have officially won tickets to attend the 2024 U23 Asian Finals. This year's tournament is predicted to be attractive and full of surprises with the participation of the strongest teams on the continent. Below, V9Bet will help readers grasp detailed information.

16 teams participate in this year's U23 Asian Finals 2024

  • The 2024 Asian U23 qualifying round ended on September 12 after the final match. 16 teams have won the right to participate in the final round, including U23 Qatar (host), U23 Vietnam, U23 Japan, U23 Korea, U23 China, U23 Australia, U23 Malaysia, U23 Saudi Arabia, U23 Uzbekistan, U23 Iraq, U23 UAE, U23 Jordan, U23 Tajikistan, U23 Thailand, U23 Indonesia and U23
  • Among them, U23 Kuwait, U23 Tajikistan, U23 China and U23 Malaysia qualified for the four best runner-up teams. There are 4 representatives from Southeast Asian football participating in the final round, including U23 Vietnam, U23 Thailand, U23 Malaysia and U23 Except for Malaysia U23, the remaining 3 teams in the region are all at the top of the qualifying group.
  • U23 Vietnam won the right to continue as soon as possible and is the only team that is sure to qualify for the qualifying round after the second match. Leading Group C after winning against U23 Guam, U23 Yemen and drawing with U23 Singapore under the guidance of coach Philippe Troussier.
  • In groups with 4 teams, only U23 Jordan, U23 Uzbekistan, U23 Thailand and U23 Saudi Arabia won all 9 points with a record of 3
  • Thailand U-23 shows attractive and effective attacking style in matches. They scored a total of 13 goals in 4 matches in the 2024 U-23 Asian Qualifiers. In addition, Thai football has invested specifically in the youth training system over the years. This has created a constant supply of quality players for the Thai U-23 team.


16 teams participate in this year's U23 Asian Finals 2024

The 2024 U23 Asian Finals will take place from April 15 to May 3, 2024 in Qatar, the host country. The 16 teams will be divided into 4 groups, with the top two teams in each group advancing to the quarterfinals. Besides, the 3 teams with the best results will win tickets to attend the 2024 Olympics in Paris. The 4th ranked team will compete in a play-off against a team from Africa to win tickets to the Olympics.

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Highlights of the 2024 U23 Asian Finals

The 2024 U23 Asian Finals have many bright spots worth mentioning. Notable is the return of many formidable players and top coaches. Below are some highlights from this year's final round.


There are new "seeds"

The return of the "veterans" in Asian football

Vietnam U23 players such as Nhâm Mạnh Dũng, Bùi Vĩ Hào, Lê Văn Đô, Nguyễn Thanh Nhàn have affirmed their talent and experience at the international level, and they will play an important role in the team. U23 Vietnam's image at this year's U23 Asian Finals 2024.
In addition, many talented players from the 2022 U23 Asia Finals such as Lee Kang-in (Korea), Yuito Suzuki (Japan), or Jasurbek Jaloliddinov (Uzbekistan) will also participate in this tournament, bringing more attraction. and competition.

There are new "seeds"

  • Qatar U23 is heavily invested and possesses many talented young players, promising to create surprises in the tournament.
  • U23 Saudi Arabia, a highly rated team from West Asia, possesses a group of promising young players.
  • U23 Uzbekistan, runner-up of U23 Asia 2022, stands out with its beautiful and effective attacking style of play.


The appearance of coach Philippe Troussier

This French coach has had a lot of success with Vietnamese youth football and is expected to make his mark at the 2024 U23 Asian Finals. Coach Troussier's attacking tactical style and dedication will help U23 Vietnam feel confident. confront any opponent.

Strong desire to win

U23 Vietnam always sets the highest goal in participating tournaments, and the 2024 U23 Asian Finals is no exception. U23 Vietnam players are very determined and willing to sacrifice to bring the best results for the country.

U23 Thailand has strong potential to win the award

Thailand U23 is a strong team and has the potential to compete for the 2024 AFC U23 Championship. However, they need to improve their defense and reduce their dependence on certain individuals.

Bright teams have the potential to win

Bright candidates for victory at the 2024 U23 Asian Finals:

U23 South Korea

  • Talented young players like Lee Kang-in, Jeong Woo-yeong, Seol Young-woo
  • Has had impressive achievements such as ASIAD 2018 Gold Medal.
  • High individual technical playing style, smooth coordination and high competitive spirit.



Thailand is one of the team that has potential to win

U23 Japan

  • The football industry is developed, ranked first in Asia and the world.
  • A uniform group of young players such as Yuito Suzuki, Takefusa Kubo, Takashi Uchino Disciplined playing style, speed and high pressing.

U23 Uzbekistan

  • Runner-up of U23 Asia 2022, with beautiful and effective attacking play.
  • Prominent players such as Jasurbek Jaloliddinov, Abbosbek Fayzullaev, Mukhammadkodir Khamraliev.
  • Desire to win to regain the Asian U23 championship.

U23 Vietnam

  • The return of "bright start" such as Bùi Vĩ Hào, Lê Văn Đô, Nguyễn Thanh Nhàn
  • Talented coach Philippe Troussier with his attacking tactics and dedication.
  • Desire to win to create surprises and achieve the highest achievements.

U23 Thailand

  • Squad experience: Some players in the 2024 Thailand U23 team have experience attending the 2022 AFC U23 Championship Final, where they have accumulated international competition experience and understanding clearly the pressure of the tournament.
  • Attacking strategy: Thailand U23 shows a creative and effective attacking style of play. The team scored a total of 13 goals in 4 matches in the 2024 U23 Asian Qualifiers, demonstrating their erudition in attack.
  • Developed youth training system: Thai football has focused and invested heavily in the youth training system for many years. This helps Thailand U23 have a continuous supply of quality players, while improving the team's strength.

In addition, some other teams such as U23 Australia, U23 Iraq, U23 UAE can also create surprises in the tournament.

Preliminary assessment

  • The 2024 U23 Asian Finals is considered to have the highest level of competition ever. There are the presence of many strong teams such as U23 Korea, U23 Japan, U23 Uzbekistan, U23 Saudi Arabia
  • U23 Vietnam is in Group D with U23 Uzbekistan, U23 Kuwait and U23 This is a group that is considered quite difficult for U23 Vietnam. However, with the return of the "veterans" and the guidance of coach Philippe Troussier, U23 Vietnam can fully aim to pass the group stage.
  • The 2024 U23 Asian Finals will be held in Qatar, a country with a developed football background and modern facilities. The tournament attracts the attention of many football fans around the world. It promises to be a successful tournament and leaves many good impressions.
  • The 2024 U23 Asian Finals takes place in April 2024, a time when the weather in Qatar is quite hot. Teams need to be carefully and physically prepared to be able to compete at their best.
  • Security issues also need to be focused on to ensure the safety of teams and fans.


The above article has helped bettors grasp information about the teams that will participate in the 2024 Asian Finals. Follow V9Bet news to update more hot news.