Updated strength rankings of Euro 2024 championship candidates
Strength ranking of today's latest Euro 2024 championship candidates. Evaluation of the championship chances of top European teams according to expert V9Bet.
15/11/2023 - Author: V9Bet

Strength ranking of Euro 2024 championship candidates

Analyzing, evaluating and ranking the strength of the Euro 2024 championship candidates is of interest to many fans. Especially when in just over half a year the Euro 2024 Finals will officially kick off. So which team is considered to have the highest chance of being crowned European Champion? Let's explore with V9Bet right now.

German team - host of Euro 2024 finals

In the list of strength rankings of Euro 2024 championship candidates, there will definitely be the German team. This is a very strong team with many bright stars in the squad. Although not competing in the qualifying round, Die Mannschaft is actively preparing with many important friendly matches. With a team that combines youth and experience, coach Nagelsmann is expected to help the "tanks" bring home the 4th Euro championship in history.

France – reigning World Cup runner-up



France national team - a bright name for the throne

    One of the candidates for the 2024 European Championship Cup is the French team. This is a team that includes many of the world's top stars such as: Mbappe, Griezmann, Hernandez, Dembele,... Therefore, the goal of winning the top position at Euro 2024 is what Deschamps wants.

    In the qualifying matches, the French team affirmed their superior strength against difficult opponents such as the Netherlands or Greece. Up to now, the "Goloa roosters" have not received any defeat.

    Italy – champion of the 2020 European Cup

    When following the list of strength rankings of Euro 2024 championship candidates, fans cannot ignore the Italian team. Even though they are going through a not so smooth qualifying journey, the Azzurri squad is always highly appreciated.

    You should remember that Italy is the defending champion of Euro. This team has a uniform and deep squad. Some prominent names include: Chiesa, Verratti, Jorginho, Immobile,...


    Strength ranking of Euro 2024 championship candidates - Italy national team

    Spanish team

    One of the strong candidates for the Euro 2024 crown is Spain. The team from the land of gaurs is always highly appreciated in the tournaments they attend. In the ongoing qualifying campaign, La Roja is showing an extremely convincing style of play. This team is leading Group A and has a great chance of reaching the Euro 2024 Summer Finals in Germany.

    Besides, Spain is also the defending champion of the Nations League. This helps Luis de la Fuente's army be more confident on the path to conquering the top position at Euro 2024.

    England team

    In the strength ranking of Euro 2024 championship candidates, the Three Lions are highly rated. The England team possesses many powerful strikers and an experienced squad. In particular, after the defeat at Euro 2020, the Three Lions will certainly set the highest goal for the championship title. In the ongoing qualifying round, the England team still showed outstanding strength when defeating fierce opponents such as Italy or Ukraine to take the top spot.


    England will set the highest goal for the championship

    Dutch team

    The team nicknamed "the orange tornado" is also considered a strong candidate for the Euro 2024 championship. Although it is still not certain to qualify for the qualifying round, the Netherlands is highly appreciated. The squad of this team is quite stable with familiar faces such as: Van Dijk, De Jong, Gakpo,... If they play true to their identity and form, the Netherlands can certainly defeat everyone. opponents on the journey to conquer the throne.

    Belgium team

    In the list of strength rankings of Euro 2024 championship candidates, the Belgian team is said to be the most experienced. It's very possible that Euro 2024 will be the last major tournament for the Belgian team with names like: De Bruyne, Lukaku, Courtois,... That's why the "Red Devils" will definitely aim to win the championship together. each other has a great title.

    Portuguese team


    Ronaldo's Portugal is a formidable team

    Ronaldo and his teammates are showing an extremely impressive performance in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Portugal is experiencing 8 consecutive victories and has secured a place in Germany next summer. With the current generation of talent and uniformity, the Betel team is expected to be crowned champion of the 2024 European Cup.

    Croatia team

    Ranked 9th in the strength ranking of Euro 2024 championship candidates is the Croatia team. This is a team with an extremely unpleasant playing style with the sublimation of Luka Modric. The current Croatia team squad has advanced deeply in three consecutive major tournaments, World Cup 2018, 2022 and Euro 2020. Therefore, the checkered shirt team will definitely be one of the bright names for the position. European Cup champion 2024.

    Sweden team

    Standing last in the list of candidates to win Euro 2024 is the Swiss team. Although it does not own many stars, with its collective strength, this team is highly appreciated. If they play as impressively as in the qualifying round and have a little more luck, Switzerland can go further on the path towards the Euro 2024 championship.

    Some teams have the potential to win Euro 2024

    In addition to the strength ranking list of Euro 2024 championship candidates mentioned above, there are still some teams that can create surprises:

    • Denmark: this is a team that possesses a disciplined and extremely unpleasant playing style. At the present time, Denmark owns many excellent names such as: Hojlund, Eriksen, Hojbjerg,...
    • Scotland: this is a uniform team and always "gets in the way" of the giants of European football. In the recent qualifying journey, Scotland defeated the defending champion Nations League.

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    So, we have just reviewed the strength ranking list of the Euro 2024 championship candidates. These are all teams with outstanding strength and full of opportunities to lift the trophy in Germany next summer.Please follow V9Bet to update more news about the teams competing in the Euro 2024 finals.