Serbia Euro 2024 Squad with Top-Class Attacking Stars
The Serbia Euro 2024 squad, especially its attacking players, has received high praise from experts. Let's explore the Serbia national team's player list.
11/10/2023 - Update: V9Bet

Serbia Euro 2024 Squad: Awaiting Brilliance in Attack

Recently, many football fans have been searching for information about the Serbia Euro 2024 squad. At this moment, the team known as Orlovi possesses a highly talented group of players. So, have you heard of the standout names in the Serbian national team? Follow V9Bet's shared information below to stay updated.

Summoned Players for the Serbia National Team

The Serbia national team has earned the nickname "the Eagles" in recent major tournaments such as the Euro and the World Cup. With a squad of highly developed players, many of whom play for top clubs, fans are eagerly anticipating the Serbia Euro 2024 squad list. Here are some of the names likely to be called up to prepare for Euro 2024:


Summoned Players for the Serbia National Team

  • In the goalkeeper position, the Serbia national team boasts quality names like Dmitrovic, Rajkovic, and Vanja. These are goalkeepers with years of international experience who regularly represent Serbia in major tournaments.
  • In defense, the team, nicknamed "the Eagles," will benefit from the services of several top-class players. Among them, some prominent names include Pavlovic, Stefan Mitrovic, Veljkovic, and Milenkovic. These defenders, although not highly recognized names, are currently playing for clubs in major leagues like Serie A, La Liga, and the Bundesliga.
  • The midfield of the Serbia Euro 2024 squad features several highly anticipated stars, especially players like Tadic, Savic, and Kostic. They are key players for their respective club teams and are in excellent form.
  • In the attacking department, the Serbia national team promises to bring some of the world's top strikers to Euro 2024, including Luka Jovic, Mitrovic, and Vlahovic. 

Strengths of the Current Serbia National Team

According to experts at V9Bet, the strength of the Serbia national team primarily lies in its attack, where many standout players are present. The Serbia Euro 2024 squad, although not entirely consistent across all positions, is still highly rated.


Serbia Euro 2024 Squad with a Lineup of Top-Class Players

Goalkeeper Position

In the goalkeeper position, the Serbia national team benefits from the experience of Dmitrovic, who currently serves as the first-choice goalkeeper for Sevilla in La Liga. His impressive reflexes and shot-stopping abilities will be a significant asset for the players ahead in organizing the game as they desire.

Defender Position

The defenders in the Serbia Euro 2024 squad are not highly rated, but they are all key figures in their respective club teams. Therefore, opposing teams looking to score against Serbia will face a challenge from the defense. Some top-class defenders with the most consistent performances in the current Serbia squad include Erakovic, Pavlovic, Veljkovic, and others.

Midfielder Position

In midfield, the Serbia national team is highly regarded, especially with the dynamic presence of Savic. The former Atletico Madrid midfielder will be the key figure in the team's midfield, providing stability and control against opponents. Additionally, in the Serbia Euro 2024 squad's midfield, there is the inclusion of Tadic, who currently plays for Ajax. He will be a dangerous attacking force, helping the team approach the opponent's goal. The team also brings in other impressive midfielders from Germany, such as Kostic, Lukic, and Zivkovic.

Forward Position


The forward line consists of high-profile stars

At the moment, few teams possess a forward line as potent as Serbia's, with some of Europe's top strikers. In the Serbia Euro 2024 squad, there are several standout forwards who are key figures in the attack for their respective club teams. First is Luka Jovic, a forward currently playing for AC Milan. This star has an impressive finishing ability and will be an indispensable spark for the Serbia national team. Playing alongside Jovic will likely be Mitrovic and Vlahovic. Mitrovic is a robust forward with impressive physical attributes, and he can handle himself independently in attack. The other partner is Vlahovic, the main striker for Juventus in the past season.

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In conclusion, V9Bet has helped you explore the latest news about the Serbia Euro 2024 squad. With high-quality players, especially in the attacking department, Serbia promises to be an exciting team to watch in the upcoming Euro. To learn about other strong national football teams in Europe, be sure to visit the reputable V9Bet platform.