Ronaldo reunited with his close friend at Al Nassr
Ronaldo is likely to reunite with his close friend at Al Nassr - Marcelo, a former teammate who worked side by side with him for 9 years at the Real Madrid team.
2024/02/14 Author: V9Bet

Ronaldo reunited with his close friend at Al Nassr

According to many reports, it is likely that Ronaldo will reunite with his close friend at Al Nassr - Marcelo. The two have had a close relationship for many years and most recently, Marcelo shared in a conversation on the Charla podcast: "we (Marcelo and Ronaldo) discussed the possibility of reuniting together in a new location." team for a long time. I received several offers to move to that team, not just at Al Nassr."

Marcelo once rejected Ronaldo

According to Marcelo, he had many opportunities to continue playing football with his close friend Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia with the Al Nassr shirt. However, he turned down a team in Asia to return to Fluminense - the club where he developed his skills since childhood, before moving to Real Madrid in January 2007.


Marcelo once rejected Ronaldo

In a recent conversation on the Charla podcast, Marcelo shared: "We (Marcelo and Ronaldo) have discussed the possibility of reuniting together on this team for a long time. I have received a number of offers to join, not just there (Al Nassr).
Although I personally like playing football with famous players and also like a lot of money, I need to come back here (Brazil). After a long time traveling, I want to return to my roots. Something deep in my soul told me that I had to return to my homeland."
However, Marcelo is facing a second opportunity to reunite with the famous player. His contract at Maracana Stadium will expire in December 2024 and according to regulations, Marcelo can negotiate with a new team six months before the contract ends.
Meanwhile, the famous player still has a contract with the Saudi Pro League until the summer of 2025. The famous player has scored 30 goals and had 11 assists in 36 matches for the club since moving to the Middle East.

The friendship between the famous player and Marcelo

Back in the summer of 2022, when Marcelo left Real Madrid after 15 years with the club, Ronaldo - his close teammate - was very regretful and always wanted the two to reunite. After announcing that this Brazilian defender would leave the Santiago Bernabeu, the famous player's close friend shared on his personal account: "More than a teammate, a brother that football has given me. Thank you for all the time we spent together.


The friendship between the famous player and Marcelo

On and off the field, Marcelo is one of the biggest stars I have had the pleasure of sharing a dressing room with. Let's continue with everything in this new adventure, Marcelo, I believe we will meet again soon.”
Marcelo and this player are partners who together scored 33 goals and assisted during their time playing together at Los Blancos. They have won four UEFA Champions League titles and the player has won four Golden Ball awards while playing for the La Liga giants.

Will this reunion make a breakthrough?

The reunion between Ronaldo and his close friend Marcelo at Al Nassr promises to bring a lot of breakthrough potential for both of them and the team. Here are some reasons:

Good combination

Ronaldo and Marcelo played together for nine years at Real Madrid, creating a great partnership on the field. Their understanding of each other's playing style and strengths helps them easily coordinate and create dangerous plays.


Will this reunion make a breakthrough?

Improve morale

Marcelo's appearance will motivate Ronaldo to gain more motivation and maintain high performance. The two close friends will support each other both on and off the field, creating a positive atmosphere for the entire team.

Increase attraction

Owning two world-class stars like Ronaldo and Marcelo will attract the attention of global media and fans, enhance Al Nassr's brand value and create favorable conditions for strong development. strong in the future.


However, to be successful, Ronaldo and Marcelo need time to adapt to Al Nassr's playing style and rebuild their chemistry on the field. The team also needs reasonable additions in strength to create a strong squad and be able to compete in the highest tournaments.


Below are some factors that can affect the ability of famous players and Marcelo to breakthrough at Al Nassr:

  • Age: Ronaldo (38 years old) and Marcelo (34 years old) need to pay attention to maintaining health and fitness to maintain high performance.
  • Adaptation: Both players need time to adapt to the football environment and culture in Saudi Arabia after getting used to the European environment.
  • Al Nassr policy: The team needs to have a suitable development strategy to create the best conditions for famous players and Marcelo to maximize their abilities.


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