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09 Feb 2024
Premier League Championship - Some new points in 2024
The 2024 Premier League Championship has many new features. Accordingly, Haaland reappeared while Salah was injured and took a 1-month break. Is this good news for Liverpool?

Premier League Championship - Some new points in 2024

In this year's Premier League Championship , there are some new points that are said to affect Liverpool but benefit Man City. Below are some detailed information.

Haaland makes a spectacular return

Erling Haaland started an impressive comeback for Man City right at the beginning of the second half with a goal in the second minute of the half.


Haaland returns to the Premier League with good start

  • Erling Haaland set two new records in the Premier League . The goal against Leipzig in the 54th minute not only helped him win both records simultaneously. Haaland became the fastest player to score 40 goals in the Champions League after only 35 matches, breaking Ruud van Nistelrooy's record with nearly 10 fewer matches.
  • In addition, Haaland also became the youngest player to score 40 goals in the Premier League at the age of 23 years and 130 He surpassed Kylian Mbappé's previous record set in 2022.
  • This goal is also Haaland's 12th goal after 8 meetings with Leipzig, the most goals he has scored against one opponent.
  • Haaland is having a record-breaking week. In the previous week, he became the fastest player to score 50 goals in the Premier League when he scored against Liverpool. He achieved this achievement after 48 matches, also breaking Andy Cole's record of 65

After 20 matches in all competitions, Haaland has scored 19 goals and participated in 4 other goals. He has 14 goals in the Premier League and 5 goals in the Champions League. Currently, the Norwegian striker is leading both scoring lists in these two tournaments.

Haaland is not the only player to reappear

Not only Haaland, other Man City players are also preparing to return. Central defender John Stones has returned to training after an ankle injury.


Center-Defender John Stones returns to training

The England international had to rest for nearly a month, but began the recovery process by participating in training with his teammates at Man City during the winter break in the warm weather in Abu Dhabi (UAE).
On the Premier League Championship table, Man City is currently second with 43 points, 5 points behind leader Liverpool but with one game less.

Salah was injured during the match

Ramy Abbas, the representative of Mohamed Salah , said via Twitter: "Salah's injury is more serious than initially expected and he will have to miss about 21-28 days, not 2 matches as expected. initial.



Salah was injured during the match

  • Salah's best chance of participating in the AFCON (Africa Cup) currently is to undergo intensive rehabilitation in England and return to the Egyptian team as soon as he is fit again."
  • Therefore, Salah may have to miss up to 4 weeks, equivalent to 6 This means that he will almost certainly be absent from Liverpool's two important confrontations with Chelsea and Arsenal in the Premier League next week. The 31-year-old injured his hamstring in Egypt's 2-2 draw against Ghana at the Africa Cup.
  • Although Liverpool has won all 3 matches since Salah returned to serve the national team, this is still unhappy news for coach Jurgen Klopp because Salah has scored 18 goals and had 9 assists after 27 appearances in all competitions for the "Red Brigade" this season.

How does this affect Liverpool?

Salah's injury has affected Liverpool in many ways:

Shortage of forces

  • Defense: Virgil van Dijk, Joel Matip and Joe Gomez all have long-term injuries, leaving Liverpool lacking stable options at the centre-back position. Fabinho must put all his strength into the defense, reducing the strength of the midfield.
  • Attack: Diogo Jota's injury also caused a shortage in attack, causing Liverpool to lose an important attacking option. The incomplete integration of Luis Diaz and Darwin Nunez also causes Liverpool's attack to lose diversity.


How the disappearing of Salah affected to Liverpool?

Impact on gameplay

  • Defense: Uncertainty in defense makes Liverpool vulnerable to quick counter-attacks from opponents.
  • Attack: The lack of official players in the attack forced Liverpool to change their tactical scheme from 4-3-3 to 4-2-3-1 to strengthen the defense.

Impact on psychology

Liverpool players can be psychologically affected by constant injury worries. Thereby, the audience at Anfield may also be worried and affect the atmosphere on the field.

Impact on achievement

Liverpool's form has declined recently, partly due to the impact of injuries. The team also encountered difficulties in the race to win the Premier League Championship. However, Liverpool still has many quality players and the ability to overcome this difficult period.

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