Nico Paz: Argentine morning star at Santiago Bernabeu
Nico Paz is the name that has Real fans going crazy with his superb goal against Napoli. Let's take a look at the latest information about this young striker.
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Nico Paz: A new chapter in Madrid and waiting for the footsteps of Lionel Messi

In recent days, Nico Paz has been a player receiving special attention from fans. The young Argentine star made a bold mark at the Real Madrid match in the C1 Cup. Join us to follow the hottest news about Messi's "heir".

Nico Paz burst onto the scene on his Los Blancos debut

Nico Paz is  a name that is quite unfamiliar to fans of the king sport. However, the 2004-born player just shone brightly in Real's 4-2 win over the Serie A champions. In a somewhat balanced game and without many mutations, coach Ancelotti has put his faith in the 19-year-old.


The 19-year-old morning star blazed during Real's match

Immediately after coming on, Nico Paz showed the difference with an extremely beautiful finish to make it 3-2. Receiving Rudiger's pass, the Argentine star made deft tackles and unleashed a left-footed shot outside the box. This was also the first goal of the player born in 2004 for Real Madrid.

What's even more special is that Nico Paz is the adult star from Real Madrid's Castilla academy. Coach Ancelotti highly appreciated the talent of the Argentine. The goal against Napoli in the Champions League could be a springboard for the striker to mature in the future.

Nico Paz and his desire to become the new Messi

Despite being only 19 years old, the midfielder has quite an all-powerful style of play. Many Tango fans hope the star can become a mainstay of the Argentina team in the future.

The 19-year-old striker joined Real's training camp in 2016. The development of this star has gone through a lot of thorns. He has played for many different teams.

In the past season, Nico Paz joined Juvenil U19 then the 19-year-old moved to Real Madrid Castilla. It was not until this season that the young midfielder was noticed by Ancelotti and registered in the White Vultures' playing squad.


Nico Paz is a striker in the Castilla academy

Currently, Nico Paz is choosing to play for Argentina's youth teams. Remember this tomorrow star has joined the U20 team of Tango country to compete in the U20 World Cup in 2023. Here Paz gave a very convincing performance.

Previously, the midfielder was once called up by the head coach of the Argentina team in the preliminary list to prepare for the 2022 WC. This shows the talent and value of the player born in 2004.

Nico Paz's new journey at the Bernabeu


Argentina's future "Messi"

After scoring his first goal on Real Madrid's 1st team debut, the 19-year-old midfielder will surely receive huge expectations. Especially when White Vultures are looking to switch generations with Gen Z morning stars.

Despite a smooth start, Nico Paz's future  remains uncertain at Real Madrid. At the moment, the Bernabeu team owns an extremely quality midfield. Among them are bright names such as Bellingham, Cammavinga, Kross ,...

Therefore, if you want to play regularly in the color of White Vulture, Nico Paz needs to show more qualities. If he really shines and has many impressive performances, Paz will surely become one of the top midfielders in world football in the future.

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Thus, we have just learned the latest news about Nico Paz - the talented young midfielder of Real Madrid. Sao Mai born in 2004 just had an explosive game and made a big contribution to help Los Blancos win. The 19-year-old is also receiving huge appreciation from renowned pundits. If he continues to perform well and shine steadily, surely the Argentine star will become a prominent name in the coming seasons.