The Netherlands' Euro 2024 Squad Aiming for the Championship
The Netherlands' Euro 2024 lineup consists of some of the brightest stars currently playing for renowned clubs. Dive into the Dutch squad with V9Bet.
18/08/2023 - Author: V9BET

Netherlands Euro 2024 Squad

A Burning Desire for Glory. The Netherlands' Euro 2024 squad has gradually taken shape with a host of elite names. These are standout stars currently plying their trade for prestigious clubs in Europe. So, are you familiar with the Dutch national team's roster? Follow this article by V9Bet to explore the lineup of the forthcoming "Orange Tornado" at the next Euro.

Netherlands' Call-up List

The Dutch Euro 2024 squad is seen as one of the most balanced and potent in years. Among them are several standout stars expected to shine in Germany. Here are some highly rated key players of the Orange:


Star Players of the Dutch Squad

  • De Jong: Currently with Barcelona, he is one of the brightest gems of the Dutch squad. With impressive technical skills, strategic insights, and elite evading pressing maneuvers, De Jong is anticipated to be the heartbeat of the "Orange Tornado" midfield.
  • Depay: On the attacking front, Depay is undeniably the most anticipated star. Even though he's not in his absolute prime form, he remains the most experienced player. Especially with his remarkable goal-scoring ability, this star will spearhead the Orange's attack in the upcoming Euro 2024.
  • Cody Gakpo: This young player had a memorable World Cup stint, netting several crucial goals. Consequently, Gakpo is set to be one of the main offensive hopes of the "Orange Tornado" as they strive for the Euro 2024 championship

Current Strength of the Dutch Squad

The Dutch team is expected to make a deep run in the Euro 2024 this summer with a quality roster. Here's a glimpse at some names from the Netherlands Euro 2024 lineup:

Goalkeeper Position

The Dutch Euro 2024 team has several quality goalkeepers. Even if they aren't the most celebrated names, they're all number one goalkeeper for renowned clubs. The list of goalkeepers expected to join the Dutch squad includes Cillessen, Bijlow, Noppert, and Pasveer. All these keepers play in the Dutch national championship and are well-versed in Coach Koeman's football philosophy.


Latest Netherlands Euro 2024 Lineup

Defensive Position

The Dutch Euro 2024 lineup always boasts excellent defenders. According to the latest information from V9Bet , the expected defenders are Nathan Ake, Blind, Bakker, Botman, Van Dijk, Dumfries, Frimpong, De Ligt, Malacia, Timber, Van de Ven, and De Vrij. These players represent top-tier clubs like Ajax, Bayern Munich, and Arsenal. With such quality names, Coach Koeman will undoubtedly craft an attacking strategy initiated from the defensive half, utilizing ball-holding defenders like Blind and De Ligt.

Midfield Position

Contrary to the defense, the Dutch Euro 2024 lineup doesn't showcase a star-studded midfield. Coach Koeman has decided to bring relatively lesser-known midfielders to the national squad. Some of the midfield names include Clasie, Gravenberch, De Jong, Klaassen, Koopmeiners, De Roon, Xavi Simons, and Guus Til. Among these, only De Jong and Gravenberch stand out, while the rest play domestically and are not as well-known.

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Balanced Dutch Lineup Forward Position Coach Koeman has called up several forwards for the Dutch Euro 2024 lineup, representing different clubs. He has experimented with various attacking combinations. Therefore, the forward list for the "Orange Tornado" includes Berghuis, Bergwijn, Brobbey, Depay, Cody Gakpo, Janssen, Noa Lang, Malen, and Weghorst.

With a wealth of choices in the attack, the Dutch team is hoped to achieve success in the upcoming Euro 2024. In fact, many fans firmly believe in a championship title for Coach Koeman and his squad. In conclusion, you've just explored the Netherlands' Euro 2024 lineup with V9Bet . As can be seen, with notable and quality players having played together for an extended period, the Dutch team promises an exciting championship to run in the Euro 2024. For more information about the top teams in the European Championship, visit V9Bet