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21 Feb 2024
Midfielder Takefusa Kubo and the title - Japanese Messi
Midfielder Takefusa Kubo is a Japanese professional footballer who plays the winger position for La Liga club Real Sociedad and the Japan national football team.

Midfielder Takefusa Kubo and the title "Japanese Messi"

Midfielder Takefusa Kubo is a talented young midfielder from Japan. He is famous as the "Japanese Messi" thanks to his exquisite personal technique and skillful ball control. Below, V9Bet will help readers understand detailed information about this player .

Biography of Midfielder Takefusa Kubo

Midfielder Takefusa Kubo (born June 4, 2001) is a Japanese football player who plays as an attacking midfielder for Villareal CF on loan from Real Madrid.


Midfielder Takefusa Kubo is a talented young midfielder

Kubo has been continuously honored in the "Best Young Player" Ranking voted by Goal, with positions 49 in 2017, top 50 in 2018, position 49 in 2019 and position 9 in 2020. He has joined the Japan national football team since 2019.

The achievements he has achieved

Even though he was only born in 2001, midfielder Kubo Takefusa has proven to everyone his "talented youth". With a long track record of competition achievements such as:

Personal achievements

Best young player:

  • Japan U-17 Championship 2016
  • Japan U-19 Championship 2018
  • C17 International Cup 2017

Best young player in Asia

  • Goal's NXGN 2019 Awards

Other awards:

  • La Liga Player of the Month (October 2023)
  • U-17 Golden Boot 2017 U-17 World Cup
  • Best player of the 2017 C17 International Cup


The achievements he has achieved

Club achievements

Real Madrid:

  • Won the UEFA Champions League (2017)
  • Won the FIFA Club World Cup (2017)

FC Mallorca:

  • Segunda Division Champion (2019)

Real Sociedad:

  • Win UEFA Europa League (2023)

National team achievements

Japan U-17:

  • Runner-up of the 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup

U-20 Japan:

  • Runner-up of the 2019 FIFA U-20 World Cup

Japan national team:

  • Champion of the 2019 Asian Football Cup

Other information

  • Kubo is the youngest Japanese player to play in La Liga, Segunda División, Copa del Rey, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.
  • Kubo is the youngest Japanese player to score in La Liga.
  • Midfielder Takefusa Kubo is known as the "Japanese Messi" and is one of the most talented young players in the world.

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Why is Takefusa Kubo called "Japanese Messi"

Midfielder Takefusa Kubo is called the "Japanese Messi" for the following reasons:

Football skills

  • Skilled dribbling ability: Kubo possesses excellent personal technique, with the ability to dribble skillfully and pass people bravely, making him difficult to block, similar to Messi.
  • Accurate passing: Midfielder Takefusa Kubo has good tactical vision and the ability to pass the ball accurately, creating scoring opportunities for teammates, as well as Messi.
  • Powerful long shot: Kubo possesses a powerful and dangerous long shot, a constant threat to the opponent's goal, just like Messi.


Why is Takefusa Kubo called "Japanese Messi"

Playing style

Midfielder Takefusa Kubo has a small physique but is dynamic: Kubo has a small physique, but possesses high speed and flexible movement, making him difficult to catch, just like Messi.
Smart football thinking: Midfielder Takefusa Kubo always knows how to move and choose the right position to receive the ball, creating scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, just like Messi.
Always facing the goal: Kubo always has a sense of attack, always facing the opponent's goal with the goal of scoring, just like Messi.

Additional information

Midfielder Takefusa Kubo was trained at Barcelona's La Masia, where Messi also played, and is considered the "jewel" of Japanese football.
Kubo is one of the most talented young players in the world, expected to become a superstar in the future, like Messi.
However, it should be noted that Kubo is still young and needs a lot of time to develop. Comparing Kubo to Messi can put pressure on this young player. However, with his talent and potential, Kubo can absolutely achieve great success in his career and become a legend of Japanese football.

Takefusa Kubo's current form

Midfielder Takefusa Kubo will not participate in Euro 2024 because Japan is not part of the European Football Federation (UEFA). Euro 2024 is only for UEFA national teams.


Midfielder Takefusa Kubo has a small physique but is dynamic

However, Kubo had a quite successful 2023-2024 season with Real Sociedad in La Liga. Below is some information about Kubo's performance:

  • Number of matches: 34
  • Number of goals: 5
  • Number of assists: 8
  • Average review score (SofaScore): 2

Kubo is an important player in Real Sociedad's squad. He is often the main starter and contributes positively to the team's attacking style of play. Kubo is highly appreciated for his personal technique, dribbling, passing and long-range shooting abilities.

However, midfielder Takefusa Kubo also has some weaknesses that need to be improved such as his finishing ability and body shape.

Below are some comments on Kubo's performance in the 2023-2024 season:

  • Marca: "Kubo has proven that he is a world-class player."
  • AS: "Kubo is one of the most promising young players in the world."
  • Mundo Deportivo: "Kubo has the potential to become a superstar."
  • With his current form, Kubo is expected to continue to shine in the 2024-2025 season and become a pillar of Real Sociedad and the Japanese national team.

In June 2024, Kubo officially joined Real Sociedad after Real Madrid activated a buyout clause worth 60 million euros. Kubo is expected to continue to shine in the future and become a superstar.


The above content has helped readers grasp detailed information about Midfielder Takefusa Kubo . If you want to see more sports news, visit V9Bet news page immediately to update the latest information.

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