Live Coverage of Euro 2024 Featuring Elite Matches
Which channels offer live coverage of Euro 2024? Where can fans watch the thrilling matches of Euro 2024 reliably and with the best quality available today?
18/08/2023 - Author: V9BET

Live Coverage of Euro 2024:

A Vibrant Football Festival Information about the broadcasting channels for Euro 2024 has caught the attention of many football enthusiasts worldwide. In Vietnam, which channels are broadcasting the iconic matches of Euro 2024 live? Is the broadcasting schedule convenient for Vietnamese fans? Let’s explore with V9Bet in this article.

Where to watch Euro 2024 live?

Euro 2024 – the number one elite football tournament in Europe is ready to return. The most pressing concern for fans now is which channels will be broadcasting this renowned football championship to viewers. Given an enormous sporting event like Euro 2024, there are many channels, websites, and television stations owning broadcasting rights. Fans can watch the European Championship through the following platforms:


Watch EURO 2024 in trustworthy platforms

Watch Euro 2024 live on various reputable platforms Watching Euro 2024 on Television:

This is the most reliable and legal channel for live broadcasting of Euro 2024 in Vietnam. Viewers can simply tune in to channels such as VTV2, VTV3, or VTV5 to enjoy epic confrontations between top European teams. However, to broadcast Euro 2024 live, stations often must pay massive amounts for broadcasting rights. As a result, some channels might charge viewers if they want to enjoy high caliber matches in Germany during the summer of 2024. Watching Euro 2024 online in addition to television stations, many websites stream Euro 2024 live with stable quality and safe access links. However, most of these websites broadcast matches without proper rights. Additionally, watching online might mean dealing with many intrusive and inappropriate ads, seriously affecting the live viewing experience of the Euro 2024 championship. Some television channels broadcasting Euro 2024 qualifiers as introduced above; football fans worldwide can follow Euro 2024 matches through various reputable broadcasting channels. In Vietnam, you can watch live coverage of Euro 2024 on the following channels:


Watch live coverage of Euro 2024 FPT Play in FPT Play

Watch Euro 2024 on K+


Watch Euro 2024 on K+

Besides FPT Play, fans in Vietnam can also enjoy intellectual battles in the Euro 2024 qualifiers on K+ TV. With its leading financial potential in Vietnam, K+ always owns the rights to major tournaments like the World Cup, Euro, and Euro 2024 qualifiers. Watching live broadcasts of Euro 2024 on K+ provides the best experience with vivid visuals and realistic effects. Moreover, familiar commentators such as Anh Quân, Hải Thanh, and Quang Tùng will accompany viewers in thrilling matches, ensuring an unmatched viewing experience.

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On Sports:

Another channel you shouldn’t miss for Euro 2024 live coverage for Vietnamese viewers is On Sports. It is a relatively new pay-TV channel, founded just a few years ago. With a professional team of editors and crew, On Sports promises extremely vibrant matches in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. Besides live streaming, fans can also use the replay feature if they unfortunately miss out on a classic game. Additionally, viewers can also follow accompanying programs of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, such as pre-match comments, post-match analysis, and Euro 2024 diaries. In conclusion, you have just discovered information about the channels that broadcast Euro 2024 live - a professional and world-famous tournament. We hope that through our sharing, you now know how to fully experience the emotions of the Euro 2024 football championship. To learn more about this tournament, please visit V9Bet.