Latest EURO 2024 Ticket Prices and Buying Options
The EURO 2024 ticket prices are currently a matter of great concern for many football fans. If you want to know how much the ticket prices for EURO are and where to buy them, let's find out
15/10/2023 - Author: V9Bet

How Much Are EURO 2024 Tickets? Where to Buy Trustworthy Tickets at Reasonable Prices?

The football-loving community is eagerly waiting to find out how much EURO 2024 tickets cost and where to buy them from a reputable source. EURO is always one of the top-tier football tournaments globally, featuring numerous thrilling and intense matches. If you want accurate information to address your queries, let's explore the details together with V9Bet.

Where to Purchase EURO 2024 Tickets?

While the EURO 2024 qualifiers have recently commenced, football enthusiasts are already eagerly anticipating the thrilling football extravaganza set to take place in Germany. The professional European championship is consistently met with high expectations, serving as the grand stage for numerous football powerhouses to showcase their prowess on the field. As the excitement continues to build, fans are beginning to inquire about the pricing of EURO 2024 tickets and where they can be obtained. It's important to note that UEFA is the exclusive entity responsible for ticket distribution, and the initial official ticket sales phase is slated for October 3, 2023. To cater to the demands of passionate supporters, ticket sales phases will be meticulously coordinated.


The EURO tickets have garnered immense attention from football enthusiasts.

How to Purchase EURO 2024 Tickets

Just like every year, UEFA is the only authorized body to sell EURO 2024 tickets. Football enthusiasts have the right to buy tickets directly from UEFA as soon as the official sales are announced. However, for the initial batch of tickets, pre-registration is required, and even then, there's no guarantee of securing these precious tickets due to the high demand and competition. Only when demand surpasses the ticket supply capacity do intermediary systems come into play for ticket distribution. Naturally, those who are early in the game will have the first shot, and this applies to all countries and ticket categories.


There are several ways to purchase EURO tickets.

Exploring EURO 2024 Ticket Prices with V9Bet

Currently, there is no official information available regarding EURO 2024 ticket prices. However, if we refer to the ticket prices for EURO 2022, there were ticket categories available for under 100 EURO for all matches. It is likely that they will continue to offer such affordable options for fans in this season to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to hold a ticket.

In the previous season, some group stage matches had ticket prices starting from 30 EURO. However, for matches in the knockout stage, prices reached their peak at around 945 EURO. Considering the current inflation in Germany, it is possible that ticket prices for EURO 2024 may increase slightly.

Since the official ticket prices for the new season have not been announced yet, let's take a look at the ticket price categories from the 2022 season:

Group Stage:

  1. Category 3 tickets: 30 - 50 EURO
  2. Category 2 tickets: 75 - 125 EURO
  3. Category 1 tickets: 185 - 235 EURO


  1. Category 3 tickets: 75 EURO
  2. Category 2 tickets: 145 EURO
  3. Category 1 tickets: 225 EURO


  1. Category 3 tickets: 195 EURO
  2. Category 2 tickets: 345 EURO
  3. Category 1 tickets: 595 EURO


  1. Category 3 tickets: 295 EURO
  2. Category 2 tickets: 595 EURO
  3. Category 1 tickets: 945 EURO

For those interested in EURO 2024 ticket prices, please regularly update information from V9Bet. We will continuously compile and publish accurate ticket prices as soon as the official ticket sales announcement is made. In general, EURO 2024 ticket prices are expected to see an increase due to inflation, but it's well worth it to witness high-stakes and thrilling matches.