Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024: Shine to reach the top of Europe
Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 is one of the names waiting to shine the most. Let's take a look at this striker's performance with V9Bet during preparations for the Euro.
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Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 – Leads the French team's attack

Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 is considered the most perfect version of the striker born in 1998. This is the time when football fans in the continent place their trust that the "Golden Boy" will help the French team win another noble title. . So what is Mbappe's current form like? Can this striker shine in Euro 2024? Let's find out now with V9Bet.

A few words about Kylian Mbappe

Before learning about Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024, fans need to know some basic information about this star. Mbappe was born on December 20, 1998 in France and is currently a key player of this country's football team. According to information V9Bet has, the 25-year-old striker has joined Monaco's famous youth training facility. Here he was interested by big clubs but still chose to stick with AS Monaco for 2 seasons.

After winning Ligue 1 with the Principality team, Mbappe moved to PSG and became a pillar of this team. On the home team at Park Stadium, the striker Princes born in 1998 have won countless noble titles and helped PSG become one of the greatest teams in France.


Mbappe - the mainstay of the France team and PSG

In the national team shirt, Kylian Mbappe has achieved a lot of success with the French team. In his first World Cup appearance, the "Golden Boy" won the championship with his hometown team in 2018. At the 2022 World Cup, Mbappe alone scored a hat-trick in the final but was unable to help. The French team defends the throne.

Currently, Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 is playing an extremely important role on the journey to the European Championship Cup finals. The 25-year-old striker scored regularly and helped the French team pass the qualifying round easily.

Kylian Mbappe's playing style and position on the field Euro 2024

When mentioning Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024, fans will immediately think of an all-round player who can play in any position on the offensive line. Below is the information V9Bet has compiled about the playing style of this talented striker.

Playing style

Mbappe's biggest strength is definitely his speed. This striker often glides very quickly before his opponent's tackles. He is truly the "child of the wind god" with terrifying accelerations before launching his finishing moves.

Besides, Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 also possesses extremely impressive ball handling techniques. “Golden Boy” has the ability to fight independently and has very good passing moves. Many times fans have witnessed Mbappe's solo situations in front of the opposing defense and scoring goals.

According to expert V9Bet's assessment, Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 often plays on the sideline then sticks to the middle to coordinate with his teammates. The finishing ability of the number 10 striker of the French team is highly appreciated. He can shoot with his left foot, right foot and even head.


The star has a versatile playing style

Forte location

If you regularly follow Kylian Mbappe's Euro 2024 matches, fans will know that this player often plays as a left wing striker. Thanks to his impressive technique, speed and ability to pass people, the PSG star always stirs up the opponent's defense on the wing where he plays. In addition to the wing striker position, Mbappe can completely play as a true striker thanks to his ideal body shape and superior finishing skills.

Predict performance at Euro 2024 finals


Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 will help the French team achieve success

V9Bet experts highly appreciate Kylian Mbappe's ability to shine brightly in Euro 2024. The French striker is in extremely stable form both at the club and in the team shirt. According to statistics obtained by V9Bet, in the Euro 2024 qualifiers, the "Golden Boy" scored 6 goals and had 2 assists after 6 rounds.

Among them, the PSG star scored 4 goals against the Netherlands after 2 matches with this team. In addition, the goals against Greece and Gibraltar helped the French team win all 6 matches and definitely win a ticket to the finals in Germany.

In the PSG club shirt, Kylian Mbappe has appeared in a total of 15 matches since the beginning of the season. This star has scored 13 goals and 1 assist in Ligue 1 along with 2 goals in the Champion League. If he continues to maintain this form, Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 will certainly be one of the stars worth watching.

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So, we have just learned about the performance of Kylian Mbappe Euro 2024 - the star leader of the French team's attack. For more information about other famous players, please visit V9Bet.