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20 Nov 2023
Jude Bellingham Euro 2024: Anticipating a Top-notch Performance",
Jude Bellingham Euro 2024 is a talented midfielder, playing an important role in the England team's midfield. Join V9Bet to discover the latest information about this player.

Jude Bellingham Euro 2024 – "Boss" of the Three Lions' midfield

Jude Bellingham Euro 2024 is one of the promising young talents who promises to shine at the European Football Cup. The morning star born in 2003 will have a great opportunity when he and the Three Lions aim for the championship for the first time in history. Join V9Bet to analyze and evaluate Jude Bellingham's ability to shine.

Brief introduction about Jude Bellingham

Jude Bellingham Euro 2024 is definitely one of the names to watch. Before watching this midfielder's impressive performance, you need to know some important information about the young talent of English football. According to V9Bet, Jude Bellingham was born on June 29, 2003 in England. This player grew up at the Birmingham City club's training camp from 2010 to 2019.

From the 2020 season, Jude Bellingham has moved to Dortmund in the Bundesliga championship. Here, this potential star played extremely impressively, making 92 appearances and scoring 12 goals. At the present time, Bellingham is joining the Spanish Royal team and has become one of the best midfielders in La Liga.


Bellingham is a famous midfielder for England

At the team level, Jude Bellingham has played for the youth team in England since 2016. Under coach Southgate's reign, the midfielder born in 2003 is highly appreciated and regularly participates in the Three Lions squad. Conquer major tournaments. Currently, Jude Bellingham Euro 2024 is an almost irreplaceable player in qualifying matches. This star, along with Foden and Declan Rice, is the best midfield trio in England.

Jude Bellingham's playing style and position on the field Euro 2024

Every time Jude Bellingham is mentioned, fans immediately remember the legendary Zidane. This is because the English star is wearing the number 5 shirt at Real Madrid and also plays as a midfielder.

Competing style

Ever since he was a young player, Jude Bellingham has been highly appreciated for his extremely impressive ball handling ability. According to V9Bet experts, in the midfield of the Three Lions, it is currently difficult to find a more technical name than Bellingham. This talented midfielder often moves flexibly and has smooth handling situations before sending passes to teammates.

Besides, tactical vision is also Jude Bellingham's strong point at Euro 2024. In La Liga or the European Cup qualifiers, the 20-year-old midfielder has repeatedly provided high-class assists to help strikers score goals. . One of this player's other strengths is his ability to shoot from afar. Fans often witness long-range shots that force the opposing goalkeeper to go into the net to pick up the ball coming from Bellingham's position.


Bellingham is in the top 3 best midfielders of the Three Lions

Forte position

Jude Bellingham Euro 2024 was arranged by coach Southgate to play in the midfield of the Three Lions. This player can operate on the left wing, right wing and even as an attacking midfielder. With his versatility, the star born in 2003 can adapt to many different tactical schemes. Therefore, you are a player extremely loved by coaches. In the England squad, Bellingham often appears as a central midfielder playing alongside Declan Rice or playing left in a 4-3-3 formation.

Predict performance at Euro 2024 finals


Jude Bellingham Euro 2024 is expected to shine in the England shirt

At the present time, there are few midfielders who play as sublimely as Jude Bellingham. According to statistics obtained by V9Bet, the English midfielder is an important nucleus of Real Madrid. Since the beginning of the season until now, the star wearing shirt number 5 has appeared in 14 matches for the White Vultures in La Liga and Champion League, he has scored 13 goals and 3 assists.

This shows Jude Bellingham's extremely impressive performance in Euro 2024 in the club shirt. He often scores important goals to help Real Madrid defeat their opponents in the final minutes.

However, Jude Bellingham's performance in the England team is something fans are worried about. The 20-year-old star has only appeared in 6 matches and had 1 assist for the Three Lions. V9Bet experts say that, in the England shirt, the 2003 midfielder is often arranged to play as a central midfielder. Therefore, he will have less space and opportunities in front of the goal, so he will not have many goals in the Euro 2024 qualifiers.

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So, we have just discovered impressive information about Jude Bellingham Euro 2024 - one of the most talented midfielders in soccer today. This is the bright star of the England team that is expected to shine at the 2024 European Football Cup. Please follow V9Bet to learn more.

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