Effective Italy 2024 Guide for Players
Italy is the analysis, prediction of scores and match results of the Italian national football team. This is done based on many different factors.
2024/02/11 Author: V9Bet

Effective Italy 2024 tips for players

Among the types of large and small bets that are quite popular, the Italian handicap is an attractive handicap. If you are  looking for a reputable Italian bookmaker , looking for an effective betting method in 2024, please read the article below of V9Bet.

Overview of Italian handicaps

In Italy all year round, there are also many large and small football tournaments, one of which must be mentioned is the Serie A tournament that lasts from May 8 to May next year. 


Overview of Italian handicaps

Currently, Serie A - the  Italian football championship - is one of the top leagues in Europe, attracting a large fan base around the world. The fixtures, results and information related to this tournament, as well as Italian football betting odds and odds, are all something that viewers are of particular interest and follow. Similar to other types of bookmakers, the Italian handicap will include the following types:

Asian Handicap

  • Asian handicaps, also known as handicaps, have become a popular term in today's football community.
  • When betting on matches in Serie A Italy or betting on Italian championship odds, Asian handicaps are one of the attractive options that players cannot ignore.
  • This type of Italian tie is determined by the relative strength of the two participating teams.
  • Before the match starts, the Asian handicap will be combined with many situations in the match to create other types of handicaps such as yellow card handicaps, red card handicaps, corner handicaps, boundary throws, and many others.
  • Often the highly-rated team will accept a specific number of goals for the weaker team. Based on this, bookmakers will offer handicaps such as 0.25 bronze handicap, half left handicap, 1 left handicap, and many others so that players can follow and make betting decisions.

Italy - European Handicap

European handicaps are an integral part of football bets in Italy. The European rafters, also known as the 1X2 or 3-door rafters, is a type of Italian rafter popular  in the European region and suitable for beginners. The player only needs to choose the door to win, draw or lose to place a bet.

  • 1: Home team - The player wins if the home team wins.
  • X: Draw - The player wins if the two teams are tied.
  • 2: Away team - The player wins if the away team wins.

Scrutiny of the Underdog

Over-the-top (O/U) is also indispensable. Under betting is a popular type of betting in football, and is also applied in Serie A.

The dealer will give a specific score, and players can bet on Over if they believe the final score will be greater than that, or Under if they think the score will be lower.

Besides the scores, the bookmaker also offers special types of underdog handicaps such as penalty card handicaps, boundary throws, corner handicaps, and many others.

How to check the standard Italian handicap for newbies

To help  players look at Italian odds effectively and increase their odds of winning against reputable bookmakers, there is some experience in watching Italian football odds that players, especially newbies, can apply.


How to check the standard Italian handicap for newbies

Understand the playing style of each team

  • First of all, to improve your odds of winning when betting on Serie A Italy, you need to have a clear understanding of the performance of the team you intend to bet on.
  • Information related to the teams is often published in reputable football newspapers. Do your research to gain more experience in watching Italian football odds and viewing Italian football odds from a variety of sources.
  • When looking at a team, you need to consider factors such as: the list of players participating in the season, the transfer situation of the players, and the current performance of the team. All this information will affect the odds of Italian football.

Know which coach leads the team

In addition, knowing which coach will lead the team and how the tactics will be applied will also affect how you watch  the odds for Italy. This helps you determine the Serie A football odds at the time.

Know about the playing squad and reserve squad

Information about the playing squad and reserve squad also played an important role in the  Italian scrutiny. This information will be the basis for your decision to place a bet.

Consider the team's position on the leaderboard

  • The team's position in the standings is also an important factor. The rankings will reflect the stability and winning ability of the team, which in turn directly affects the odds of Italian football.
  • The advantage of playing at home is also a factor that cannot be ignored. The team usually has a higher odds of Italy winning at home. Therefore, when looking at Italian football odds, you need to consider the pitch on which the team will play.
  • Finally, assessing the performance and performance of the two teams will help you decide how to bet.

With teams with solid defenses, betting on the Under can be a reasonable option. With this information and experience, you can be more confident when deciding to bet on Italian Serie A matches.

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How do Italian odds read?

To read Italian odds correctly, you need to understand the following types of bets:

European Handicap (1X2)

  • 1: Win (Home Team)
  • X: Tie
  • 2: Lost (Away)


How do Italian odds read?

Asian Handicap

Upper handicap (Handicap): The team that handicaps the other team a number of points.

Example: Juventus handicap Fiorentina 1/2 left (0.5)

Juventus win: Set 100k, eat 190k (win 90k)

Fiorentina lose: Put 100k, lose money


Fiorentina Tie: Book 100k, get 100k (refund)

Lower handicap (Handicap team): The team receives a number of points from the other team.

Example: Fiorentina handicapped 1/2 left (0.5) by Juventus

Fiorentina win or draw: Set 100k, eat 190k (win 90k)

Juventus win: Put 100k, lose money


  • Over: The total number of goals is higher than the house rate gives
  • Under: The total number of goals is lower than the house odds give




European Handicaps:

  • AC Milan vs Napoli: 1.85 - 3.50 - 4.20
  • Set 100k for AC Milan win, eat 185k (win 85k)
  • Set 100k for Napoli win, eat 420k (win 320k)
  • Set 100k for a draw, eat 350k (win 250k)

Asian Handicaps:

  • Juventus vs Udinese: Juventus handicap 1 1/4 left (1.25)
  • Set 100k for Juventus to win by a margin of 2 goals or more, eat 190k (win 90k)
  • Set 100k for Juventus to win by 1 goal difference, eat 1.05k (win 5k)
  • Set 100k for Udinese win or draw, eat 190k (win 90k)

Over/Under Handicaps:

  • Bologna vs Fiorentina: Under 2 1/4 left (2.25)
  • Set 100k for Tai (total goals >= 3), eat 190k (win 90k)
  • Set 100k for Under (total goals <= 2), eat 1.05k (win 5k)

Information in the Italian odds table

The information in the table of odds when looking at Italy handicap to note must be mentioned as:

  • Player info.
  • Match time.
  • 2-team football history.
  • Odds can come out during kicking.

Players can register an account to promptly get the latest information. Then, deposit V9Bet and select the team to proceed with the betting.


Information in the Italian odds table

Where to watch the Italian handicap?

Today, there are quite a few bookmakers that allow Italian handicaps with different large and small games. Including V9Bet - Asia's leading bookmaker specializing in large and small sports bets. You can register and participate in the competition every day. At the same time, receive many attractive offers.

Wrapping Up

The above content has helped bettors get detailed information about the Italian handicap. Join V9Bet  to bet on other attractive bets. Have the opportunity to win many attractive prizes from the system.