Super hot promotion from V9Bet bookmaker
V9Bet is famous for its extreme incentive events for players. Let's take a look at the extremely hot promotions from V9Bet bookmaker
11/12/2023 - Cập Nhật: V9Bet

Discover the top hot promotions from V9Bet bookmaker

What's so special about the hot promotion from V9Bet ? What attractive gifts will players receive? Follow V9Bet's following article to learn about the top deals at this prestigious playground.

100% refund on the first bet lost

One of the most outstanding offers that players highly appreciate at V9Bet is the 100% cashback program for first-time losers. The event will be applied from 2/9/2023 to 20/5/2024 with many meaningful gifts. Accordingly, brothers who bet on matches with Dortmund will receive a maximum of 500K in refunds.

To be eligible for this offer, match-related bets must be single bets and only applicable to first-time participants. If you want to receive the bonus quickly, you need to comply with V9Bet's conditions.


Hot promotion from V9Bet bookmaker - first refund of lost bets

Birthday bonus 35 million VND

This is a very hot promotion from V9Bet bookmaker for those who do not know, the program only takes place in December of this year. That means you can get rewards through the 2023 Christmas season.  Participants of the offer are all official members of the famous V9Bet bookmaker.

Accordingly, the bookmaker will base the player's total bet within 180 days before his birthday. The maximum bonus you can receive is up to 35 million VND. If you want to participate in the program, players need to provide accurate information about their date, month and year of birth in the membership registration file.

First deposit 100% bonus

A very hot promotion event from V9Bet bookmaker is a first-time deposit offer. This special will take place during this year's Christmas season when it starts Dec. 1 and closes Dec. 31, 2023. To participate in this event, players just need to make a deposit then select "Register".

Each account that registers and deposits for the first time will only receive the bonus 1 time. You only need to deposit a minimum amount from 200K to have a chance to collect a maximum bonus of up to 2 million VND. Besides, players also have the opportunity to receive additional free lucky spins from V9Bet.


Attractive top deposit bonus

Return deposit bonus

A very hot promotion from V9Bet  bookmaker is the bonus to deposit back. This promotion is distributed just before Christmas this year with the aim of bringing a variety of bonuses to V9Bet members. Specifically, the promotion implementation period starts from December 4 to December 10, 2023.

The offer will be exclusive to players who deposit back with a minimum limit of 400K or more. For this promotion, you will have the opportunity to collect a maximum bonus of up to 1 million VND. To participate in the promotion, players just need to click on the "Join Now" section at the bottom of the promotion name.


V9Bet Daily Bet Rebate

Additional 5% bonus on rebate

In addition to the above hot promotion, gamers who join V9Bet also receive an additional 5% daily cashback. This program will end after Christmas 2023, specifically December 31, so you need to quickly register.

For games such as card games, sports, fantasy sports, players will immediately receive 5% of the discount. Meanwhile, the brothers participate in Online Casino, lottery, lottery,... It is possible to receive 3% of the total rebate bonus.

Onboarding new customers

A very hot promotion from V9Bet bookmaker is to refer more friends to receive up to 300K bonus. This special event will run throughout Christmas and end on January 1, 2024. To participate in the offer, you need to contact V9Bet's Customer Service.


New member referral offers

MG Slot - Gold Coins Lightning

This promotion event  is hot from V9Bet from  MG Slot lobby. This offer is open to all members of the gaming house from 7/8/2023 to 7/1/2024. This exciting program includes 12 Tournaments and 10 Bonus Rain programs. The total prize money of MG Slot offers can be up to VND 856 million.

Slot PNG - Cuộc đua Race’n go Asia

This promotion is extremely attractive, interesting and receives great attention from a large number of V9Bet players. The promotion period runs from November 1, 2023 to January 22, 2024. Especially, this event will be distributed to all official members of V9Bet bookmaker.

Accordingly, this promotion includes 3 exciting and exciting tournaments, each of which will be held on the first day of the month. Players who achieve the highest total score in classic games at V9Bet will receive rewards of more than VND 357 million.

To update the information of players holding the advantage after each match, you can look up the leaderboard after 48 hours of the event ending. The top 500 ranked players will immediately receive valuable bonuses.

Pragmatic Slot – Big Bonus Every Day level 9

The hot promotion from  V9Bet is Pragmatic Slot level 9. This is a special offer provided by the game publisher to all V9Bet customers. The program begins Nov. 27, 2023, and ends Jan. 8, 2024.

According to V9Bet rules, 2500 lucky players will receive a bonus amount that is many times higher than the initial stake. Specifically, the highest player will receive x2000 stakes, the 2nd person will receive x1000 stakes,...

Pragmatic Slot Random Bonus


Extreme random bonus event

A very hot promotional event from bookmaker V9Bet launched by Pragmatic is a random bonus offer. The program application period is from November 28, 2023 to December 11, 2023. There will be 2 tournaments offered by V9Bet based on 2 classic slots, Sugar Rush Xmas and Candy Jar Clusters. Every day, 1500 luckiest members can receive a reward of 108 million VND.


So, we have just watched  the extremely hot promotions from V9Bet bookmaker. These are all high-class incentive programs that bring many valuable gifts to members. To have the opportunity to receive the top offers as above, please quickly  register to join the prestigious V9Bet bookmaker.