Harry Kane Euro 2024: Waiting for his first title with England
Harry Kane Euro 2024 is definitely the most interested name of the England team. Join V9Bet to find out the performance and scoring achievements of this classy striker.
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Harry Kane Euro 2024 – Leader leads the Three Lions to conquer the championship

Information about Harry Kane Euro 2024 is of interest to many fans. Especially in the context of just over half a year until the European Football Cup finals will officially take place. Can Harry Kane shine and help England win the championship? What is the current performance of the Three Lions' number 1 striker? Please follow V9Bet's following article to get the answer.

Harry Kane's life and career

Before discovering Harry Kane's Euro 2024 achievements and performance, fans need to know brief information about this striker. According to V9Bet information, Harry Kane was born on July 28, 1993 and is a professional player playing as a striker. At the present time, this striker is playing for the Bayern Munich club in the Bundesliga and is an important member of the England team.

The 30-year-old striker's professional career began at Tottenham - this is also where he spent most of his playing time. By the 2023 season, Harry Kane decided to leave the London team to play for Bayern Munich. Since the beginning of the season until now, this striker has continuously scored and helped the Bavarian Gray Tigers reach the top of the Bundesliga.


Harry Kane - the current number 1 striker of the Three Lions

When finding out information about Harry Kane Euro 2024, everyone will know which striker has played for many levels of the England team. Since the 2015 season, this star officially debuted for the national team and has an extremely impressive scoring record. Harry Kane is the Three Lions' most dangerous striker at the moment. He and England finished second at Euro 2020 and ranked fourth at the 2018 World Cup.

Harry Kane's playing style and position on the field Euro 2024

Harry Kane Euro 2024 is known as a famous striker with impressive scoring ability. This star has an extremely simple but maximum effective playing style.

Competing style

The striker born in 1993 is a current center forward with very good independent combat ability. Harry Kane tends to play close to the goal, especially in the 16m50 area. The 30-year-old star is considered by V9Bet experts to be a typical striker with superior finishing skills. He can score with his left foot, right foot, long shot and header.

In addition to his ability to score goals, the 30-year-old striker also often drops deep to coordinate with his teammates. Harry Kane is the one who initiates attacks by moving in the home half and making long passes to teammates. After that, this star will accelerate and cut into the penalty area to wait for the ball to be "poured" from the full-backs or forwards to score.


Harry Kane Euro 2024 - simple, modern playing style

Forte location

Harry Kane played prominently in Euro 2024 as a striker for England. The player born in 1993 is currently one of the best strikers of the Three Lions. In the previous Premier League, Harry Kane often received the top scorer title at the end of the season. According to V9Bet statistics, in the last 10 football seasons, this striker has scored over 20 goals each season.

Predict performance at Euro 2024 finals


The 30-year-old striker is the "soul" of England's attack

In recent major tournaments, Harry Kane has always been the striker leading the England team's attack. Therefore, the 30-year-old star is the number 1 choice for the center forward position in coach Southgate's tactical scheme. There is a high possibility that Harry Kane Euro 2024 will be the best version of this player when he is reaching the maturity of his career.

On the Euro 2024 qualifying journey, Harry Kane showed terrible scoring form. The player currently on the Bayern Munich payroll has scored 7 goals and 2 assists after 6 matches for the Three Lions. The above achievement has helped England firmly consolidate the No. 1 position in Group C of the European Football Cup qualifying round.

Harry Kane Euro 2024 not only has impressive performance with the national team, this striker is also playing sublimated in the club shirt. In the Bundesliga this season, the star wearing shirt number 9 has scored 17 goals and had 5 assists for the Gray Tigers after the first 11 rounds. If he maintains his current form, Harry Kane will certainly help the Three Lions advance in Euro 2024.

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So, we have just analyzed and evaluated striker Harry Kane Euro 2024 - who is in very high form this season. With impressive statistics like the above, fans will definitely witness an explosive Harry Kane at the upcoming European Football Cup. Please follow V9Bet to update the latest news about today's top players