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05 Feb 2024
Football News Evening January 23: Real Madrid TV Responds to Xavi
After Xavi's coach accused Real Madrid of being biased when playing against Almeria on January 23, 2024, Real Madrid TV's media channel responded to Xavi.

Football News January 23: "Real Madrid TV Responds to Xavi"

Real Madrid TV Responds to Xavi after the team's coach complained about the referee favoring Real Madrid in the match against Almeria. They think that Xavi is trying to distract with this speech to avoid attention for the bad season that Barcelona has achieved. Besides, they also especially emphasized Xavi's 600 matches as a player, a period in which he was closely supported and protected under the guidance of Negreira.

Real Madrid TV's response

Real Madrid TV responded to Xavi quite harshly after Xavi's team coach's speech caused controversy in the refereeing work in La Liga.


Real Madrid TV's response to Xavi was quite harsh

Accordingly, Barca's captain expressed dissatisfaction with the referee's decisions in favor of Real Madrid. Los Blancos responded to Xavi's comments. The media in Madrid could not hold back their emotions at Xavi's comments: "It's strange to see Xavi interested in refereeing at the Bernabeu, while FC Barcelona has been paying the referee's salary for many years. Xavi has played more than 600 matches for Barca, so all of these matches are questionable."
Real Madrid TV response to Xavi also mentioned the case involving Negreira, in which Barca is being investigated by federal prosecutors over the payment of 1.6 million Euros to a senior referee in period from 2016 to 2018. Barca has denied all accusations, asserting that they only "hired the services of an outside technical consultant".

Does Xavi still have a chance?

As reported by Eurosports on January 30, 2024, Xavi has faced a double challenge in running Barcelona as he prepares for his final season leading the home team, where they hold the La Liga championship title.


Xavi has faced a double challenge in running Barcelona

Accordingly, the Head Coach is about to end his term at Barcelona. He also warned his successor that managing the La Liga club was an "impossible" task and "it makes you feel worthless".
The Barca legend made the shock announcement when he announced he would resign at the end of the season following a 5-3 home defeat to Villarreal on Saturday. In that situation, Xavi asserted that his "energy gradually ran out", he felt unappreciated, and his work began to affect his spirit and health.

Real Madrid's bright spot this year

Up to now, Real Madrid has won a total of 13 goals, drawn 3 goals with 41 goals scored. Besides, famous player Cristiano Ronaldo has a total of 105 goals and became the top scorer of all time. Some of Real Madrid's most recent matches include:
• January 7, 2024: Real Madrid 3:1 Arandina.
• January 15, 2024: Real Madrid 4:1 Barcelona.
• January 21, 2024: Real Madrid 3:2 Almería.
• February 2, 2024: Real Madrid 2:0 Getafe. Due to the advantage in players, Real Madrid shined absolutely this year. The proof is that in the Real Madrid vs Barcelona match, they won by 4 goals thanks to Vinicius's hat-trick.

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Real Madrid's squad

Due to their superior playing style, Real Madrid performed a rather confident style of play, while Barcelona, despite their efforts, only created a few finishing situations and could not get past goalkeeper Lunin.
With the 4-1 result remaining, Real Madrid won and won the Spanish Super Cup title this year. The team under coach Ancelotti has paid off the debt from the final they lost to Barcelona a year ago.
Temporarily ignoring Real Madrid TV's response to Xavi, Real Madrid won big in this year's Super Cup.

Huge bonus level for this year's Spanish Super Cup

In addition to Real Madrid TV's response to Xavi , according to information revealed by the press, this year, the Spanish Super Cup event returned to Saudi Arabia and attracted special attention from a large number of fans. According to information from Arab News, the prize money of this Spanish Super Cup has reached 16 million USD.


Huge bonus level for this year's Spanish Super Cup

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