Unpredictable Developments in Group H Euro 2024
Group H Euro 2024 is a balanced group with the presence of many famous teams. Let's take a look at the results and analyze the chances of advancing in this group.
01/11/2023 - Author: V9Bet

Group H Euro 2024: Which Team Will Secure a Ticket to Germany?

Despite not being highly rated by fans, Group H Euro 2024 is currently the most fiercely competitive group for a ticket to the next round. Four out of six teams have a chance to make it to Germany next summer. To understand the current state of Group H Euro 2024 , let's explore the following article with V9Bet.

Analysis of Group H in Euro 2024 Qualifiers

Before the Euro 2024 qualifiers began, many fans didn't pay much attention to Group H. However, this group has produced the most surprising and dramatic results so far. Here are analyses of the teams in Group H Euro 2024 by V9Bet's experts.

Slovenia National Team

Slovenia is the most surprising team in Group H Euro 2024. Despite not having star players in their squad, they are currently leading Group H with an impressive record. After 6 matches, Slovenia has secured 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. The team has 13 points and a goal difference of +7.

This achievement is considered a big surprise for a team ranked 59th in the world. Especially in a group where prominent teams like Denmark and Finland are also competing.

Denmark National Team


Denmark's National Team Holds a Strong Position in Group H Euro 2024

The Danish national team, known as "The Red and White," is currently in second place in Group H Euro 2024. They have 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss, accumulating 13 points, the same as Slovenia, with equal goal difference. In the Euro 2024 qualifiers this year, Denmark, ranked 18th in the world, has not performed as well as expected, especially with a surprising loss to Kazakhstan. This result has made the outlook for Group H uncertain in the remaining matches.

Finland National Team

Finland is the third-placed team in Group H Euro 2024, which is an acceptable position for a team from Northern Europe. After 6 matches, Finland has secured 4 wins and suffered 2 losses, earning 12 points. To secure a spot in the Euro 2024 finals in Germany, Finland needs to perform well in the remaining matches, especially in direct clashes with Slovenia and Denmark.

Kazakhstan National Team


Kazakhstan Creates Exciting Surprises in Group H

In Group H Euro 2024 this year, Kazakhstan has been the most impressive team with consistently strong performances. Despite being ranked 100th in the world, the team has secured 5 wins and suffered 3 losses, currently sitting in fourth place in Group H.

However, Kazakhstan's chances of advancing are not small, as they are only 1 point behind the group leaders. They are considered the underdog of this group but managed to defeat Denmark, one of Europe's top footballing nations.

Northern Ireland and San Marino National Teams

As of the end of the sixth round of Group H Euro 2024 qualifiers, the Northern Ireland national team has only secured 3 points with a single victory over San Marino. This has officially ended Northern Ireland's chances of advancing to the Euro finals. Currently, the team is ranked fifth out of six teams in Group H qualifiers this year.

San Marino, the smallest team in the group, has also lost all six matches without scoring any points. They are also the team with the highest number of goals conceded, having conceded 21 goals without scoring any.

Predicting the Teams that Will Advance


Prediction of the team qualifying for Euro 2024.

With the current state of Group H Euro 2024, the chances of advancing are evenly distributed among the four teams: Slovenia, Denmark, Finland, and Kazakhstan. Among them, Denmark and Slovenia have the upper hand, currently sitting at the top of the standings.

In the final matches, Denmark will face weaker opponents, so it is highly likely that they will secure the first ticket to advance. Among the four teams, only Kazakhstan seems to have the least advantage, as they will face challenging opponents in the last four matches, including Denmark, Finland, and Slovenia.

Looking at the results and the schedule of Group H Euro 2024, V9Bet experts predict that the two teams likely to advance from this group are Denmark and Slovenia.

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In summary, the landscape of Group H Euro 2024 this year is extremely tense and dramatic. Currently, four out of six teams have a chance to make it to the Euro finals in Germany. To stay updated with the latest results and developments in this group, as well as other exciting groups, be sure to follow V9Bet.