Group G Euro 2024 : Dramatic Moments in the Late Stages
The Group G Euro 2024 scenario reaches its peak as the leading teams have a close points margin. Let's analyze this exciting group with V9Bet.
01/11/2023 - Author: V9Bet

What's Hot in Group G Euro 2024 ? Which Team Will Advance to the Next Round?

Group G Euro 2024  is a rare group that lacks big names in European football. This unpredictability arises as the participating teams in this group are evenly matched. In today's article, V9bet experts will help fans understand the current group dynamics and predict the teams most likely to advance.

Analyzing Group G in Euro 2024 Qualifiers

Group G Euro 2024  is witnessing fierce competition at the top. With just one victory, the teams trailing behind can completely overtake the race for a spot in the Euro finals in Germany. Let's analyze the strengths of the teams participating in Group G.

Hungary National Team


Hungary National Team Holds a Strong Advantage in Group G Euro 2024

The team with the highest rating in Group G Euro 2024  is Hungary. This team has demonstrated its strength to some extent, currently leading the standings with 10 points after 4 matches.

With 3 wins and 1 draw, Hungary holds a significant advantage in the Euro 2024 qualifiers. If they secure a victory in the rescheduled match of the 5th round, the door to the biggest football festival in Europe will be wide open for Hungary.

Serbia National Team

With a lineup of quality players, especially top-class attacking stars like Mitrovic and Vlahovic, the Serbia national team is performing exceptionally well in Euro 2024. After the first 5 matches, they have achieved 3 wins, 1 draw, and suffered only 1 defeat.

This performance places Serbia temporarily in 2nd place in Group G Euro 2024 . If they achieve favorable results in the remaining 3 matches, their chances of participating in Euro 2024 in Germany are very high.

Montenegro National Team


Montenegro and Serbia Compete Vigorously for a Qualification Spot

Although not highly rated in Group G Euro 2024 , Montenegro has created quite a few surprises in this year's qualifiers. They even managed to hold the team leading Group G, Hungary, to a draw and defeated Bulgaria, a team with much higher ratings.

With these impressive results, Montenegro is currently in 2nd place in the standings with 8 points. However, their chances of advancing are not very promising as, in the remaining matches, they will have to face Serbia and Hungary.

Bulgaria National Team

It's not too surprising that the Bulgaria national team continues to struggle in major tournament qualifiers. Ranked 78th in the world, they have failed to make an impact against stronger opponents. After 5 matches, Bulgaria has only managed 2 draws and currently sits in 4th place in Group G Euro 2024 . With this result, it's almost certain that Bulgaria won't progress beyond the Euro qualifiers this year.

Lithuania National Team

Similar to Bulgaria, Lithuania is also considered the 'underdog' in Group G Euro 2024 . This is evident from their string of underwhelming performances against much stronger opponents. After 5 matches, Lithuania has only secured 2 points and is already out of contention for a spot in Euro 2024 in Germany next summer.

Predicting the Teams that Will Advance


Assessing the Situation in Group G

With the currently unpredictable situation, determining the two teams that will advance from Group G Euro 2024  will only become clear in the final matches. At that point, the teams in the leading group will face each other directly, potentially widening the gap in points.

V9bet experts following Group G Euro 2024  believe that Hungary has the best chance of making it to the finals. This is because the team has only played 4 matches but still occupies the top position in the standings. Additionally, Serbia is also considered to have a strong chance of advancing.

Both of these teams possess quality players and squad depth, giving them a significant advantage over their direct competitor, Montenegro. Montenegro has only performed impressively in specific matches. Overall, Montenegro's squad is not rated very highly. Therefore, among the top 3 teams leading the group, Montenegro has the lowest chance of advancing.

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Through this article, V9bet experts have helped football fans gain a better understanding of the current developments, results, and dynamics of Group G in Euro 2024. It's clear that Hungary and Serbia are the two teams with the greatest advantages in the race to advance. To stay updated on information about other groups in Euro 2024, visit V9Bet.