Group D Euro 2024: Ticket to Euro Finals in Germany Slowly Revealing
What's interesting in Group D Euro 2024? Which team holds a significant advantage in the race to advance? Will there be any surprises in this group?
01/11/2023 - Author: V9Bet

Group D Euro 2024: Croatia "stumbles," Turkey brightens their chances

After some highly exciting initial matches, the scenario in Group D Euro 2024 is gradually taking shape. The higher-rated teams are currently leading and overflowing with opportunities to progress. To discover the results of the high-stakes matches in Group D of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, please follow V9bet's article below.

Analysis of Group D in Euro 2024 Qualifiers

Group D Euro 2024 features teams that are evenly matched, making the matches in this group extremely captivating. As of now, it's still uncertain which teams will secure their spot in the next round. Let's explore the strengths of the teams in Group D together with V9bet.

Turkey National Team

After six initial matches, Turkey is leading the way in Group D Euro 2024. This comes as a surprise given that this group includes Croatia, a powerhouse in European football. However, Turkey's 1-0 victory on October 13, 2023, allowed them to leapfrog Croatia and take the top spot.

With 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss in their first six matches, Turkey has accumulated 13 points, putting them 3 points ahead of their nearest competitor, Croatia.

Croatia National Team


Croatia is currently ranked second in Group D of Euro 2024.

Croatia currently sits in second place in Group D Euro 2024 qualifiers. Despite playing only five matches so far, Luka Modric and his teammates have accumulated an impressive 10 points. Croatia has secured 3 wins, 1 draw, and recently suffered a defeat against Turkey.

However, if Croatia performs well in their remaining matches in Group D of the Euro 2024 qualifiers, they are likely to reclaim the top spot. Currently, the Croatian national team has an excellent goal difference of +7.

Armenia National Team

In Group D Euro 2024, Armenia has been the biggest surprise package. Before the matches in Group D took place, Armenia was considered the underdog. However, with unexpected wins against Wales and a draw against Turkey, Armenia currently sits in third place in the standings.

After 6 matches, Armenia has gathered 7 points from 2 wins, 1 draw, and 3 losses. This is a significant achievement for Armenia, and if they continue to perform well, they could secure a spot in the Euro 2024 Finals in Germany.

Wales National Team


Wales still has a chance to compete for advancement to the next round.

Wales is facing a tough challenge in the Group D Euro 2024 qualifiers. Without their star player, Gareth Bale, Wales has struggled against their opponents and suffered several defeats.

After five matches in Group D, Wales has only managed to accumulate 7 points, currently sitting in fourth place. Although they have played one match less than most of their competitors, their chances of advancing are quite slim.

Latvia National Team

Latvia occupies the bottom position in Group D Euro 2024 with only one victory in six matches. This is not surprising, as Latvia was considered the weakest team in this group. With this result, Latvia has virtually no chance of competing in the Euro 2024 Finals in Germany.

Predictions for the teams advancing


An intriguing scenario is unfolding in Group D as the final rounds approach.

Based on the current standings in Group D of Euro 2024 qualifiers, Croatia and Turkey are considered the frontrunners to advance. These two teams hold the top positions in the group.

However, Wales and Armenia still have a chance to make a comeback. If they secure victories in their remaining matches and perform well in the rescheduled match, it could lead to unexpected outcomes. Croatia or Turkey might have to watch Euro 2024 from home.

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In summary, we have covered the most notable developments in Group D Euro 2024. This group features intense competition among teams, with four out of five teams still in contention to advance. To stay updated on the latest news about this group, don't forget to visit the most reputable V9bet website in 2023.