Predictions for the Teams Advancing in Group C Euro 2024
Stay updated on the latest developments in Group C Euro 2024 with intense competition among the top teams. Let's predict which teams will secure a ticket to Germany next summer.
01/11/2023 - Author: V9Bet

Group C Euro 2024: The Group of Death in Euro Qualifiers

When talking about Group C Euro 2024, football fans are sure to think of tense and dramatic matches among the "giants" of European football. Especially the fierce competition among Italy, England, and Ukraine. Let's go through the current situation of this group with V9Bet and predict which teams will advance.

Analysis of Group C in the Euro 2024 qualifiers

According to experts, Group C Euro 2024 is currently one of the most attractive and highly competitive groups in this year's qualifiers. With the presence of the defending champions and the runners-up of Euro 2020, along with the ambitious Ukraine national team, the developments in this group have brought some unexpected results.

The outstanding strength of the England national team

In Group C Euro 2024, the team known as the "Three Lions" stands out as the most prominent and impressive. The England national team is unbeaten in all 5 Euro qualifiers this year, with favorable results against strong opponents such as Italy and Ukraine.

With a quality squad featuring standout stars like Declan Rice, Kyle Walker, and Harry Kane, the team led by Coach Southgate continues to dominate this group. After 5 matches, the England team has 13 points, currently leading Group C and almost certain to secure a ticket to the next round.


The England national team has an outstanding record in Group C Euro 2024.

The Ukraine national team

At the moment, the Ukraine national team is showing quite an impressive form in Group C Euro 2024. Despite being heavily affected by non-football issues, the Eastern European team still proves to be a tough opponent. Evidence of this is their record of 2 wins, 1 draw, and 2 losses. Both of Ukraine's losses in the Euro 2024 qualifiers were against strong opponents, England and Italy. With this impressive performance, the team from Eastern Europe is currently in second place in the standings with 7 points from 5 matches.

The Italy national team

Currently, the reigning champions Italy sit in third place in Group C Euro 2024. The "Azzurri" have been going through a rather unremarkable period. In the 4 rounds of this year's qualifiers, Italy has only managed to secure 2 wins, 1 draw, and 1 loss. This has pushed Italy down to third place in Group C Euro 2024 with just 7 points. If they do not improve their form in the remaining matches, especially in direct clashes with opponents like England or Ukraine, it is highly likely that Italy will not participate in the tournament in Germany next summer.


Italy is gradually regaining its form.

The North Macedonia national team

Since their first appearance at the Euro in 2021, the "underdog" North Macedonia national team has gained worldwide recognition. This team managed to draw against Italy and caused a lot of trouble for Ukraine in Group C Euro 2024. With their extremely impressive performance, North Macedonia still has hopes of securing a ticket to Euro 2024 as they currently have 7 points, the same as Ukraine and Italy. If they continue to display impressive play as they have done in recent times, this "underdog" team may create wonders at this year's Euro.

The Republic of Ireland national team

One of the interesting surprises of Group B Euro 2024 is the decline of the Republic of Ireland. The team has played 5 matches and won only 1 against weaker opponents like Gibraltar. In the remaining 4 matches, the Republic of Ireland couldn't pull off any surprises against strong teams like France and the Netherlands. They even suffered a defeat to Greece. This makes the Republic of Ireland's chances of advancing nearly impossible.

The Malta national team

This is the team considered the weakest in Group C Euro 2024, having not earned any points in the first 5 matches. This is quite understandable as Malta does not possess standout star players and is often considered the "minnow" in the group.

Predictions for the teams advancing


Predictions are that Italy and England will secure their places in the finals

If we look at the current situation in Group C Euro 2024, fans can easily see that the England team has a significant advantage in securing a ticket. The "Three Lions" have 13 points and are likely to pass the qualifiers.

Meanwhile, the competition for the second-place position will be extremely tight among Italy, North Macedonia, and Ukraine. Currently, Italy has only played 4 matches, one less than the other teams, which gives Italy an advantage.

If they win the rescheduled match and maintain stable performance, especially in the remaining fixtures against England or Ukraine, Italy is highly likely to be the second team from Group C to secure a spot in Euro 2024.

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In summary, we have just explored the latest developments in Group C Euro 2024, where many prestigious teams are competing. This is also the most exciting, dramatic, and fiercely competitive group for a ticket to the European Championship next summer. Stay tuned to V9bet for the latest news on the results of the European Championship qualifiers.