Denmark Euro 2024 Squad – Will the young talents make an impact?
The Denmark Euro 2024 squad features many promising young players, making it a talented generation for the team.
11/10/2023 - Update: V9Bet

Denmark Euro 2024 Squad with a Quality Lineup

In preparation for the most important tournament in Europe, the Denmark Euro 2024 squad has been announced with many standout players. These will be the most valuable stars that the team, known as Olsen-banden, will bring to Germany in the summer of 2024 if they qualify. In today's article, let's join V9Bet to learn about the expected lineup of Denmark at the 2024 European Championship.

Denmark's National Team Call-up List

The Denmark national team boasts an impressive record and has a good chance of securing a ticket to Euro 2024, which will be held in Germany. To achieve this goal, the Denmark national team has called up a list of well-known players, as follows:


Call-up list of the Denmark national team with all the stars

    • Goalkeeper: The current number 1 goalkeeper for Olsen-banden is undoubtedly none other than Kasper Schmeichel. The 1986-born player, with his experience, will be the irreplaceable choice of coach Hjulmand.
    • Defenders: In the Denmark Euro 2024 squad, fans can rest assured about the positions in defense. With captain Simon Kjaer, along with Christensen, Maehle, and Andersen, they will become the "cornerstones" in front of Schmeichel's goal.
    • Midfielders: Denmark's midfield includes familiar names like Hojbjerg, Norgaard, Delaney, Eriksen, Jensen, and more. These players have played together for many years in the Olsen-banden's colors.
    • Forwards: In the attacking line of the Denmark Euro 2024 squad, they will have the services of many outstanding stars. Among them are top strikers like Dolberg, Damsgaard, and Braithwaite, who are all currently in excellent form with their respective clubs.

    Strength of the Current Denmark National Team

    The team known as Olsen-banden has been famous for its collective strength. This team doesn't have many outstanding superstars, so the Denmark Euro 2024 squad mainly consists of players who have played together for many years. The true strength of Denmark is quite evenly distributed in various positions, as follows:


    Denmark Euro 2024 Squad with depth

    Goalkeeper Position

    Denmark possesses a generation of excellent goalkeepers. In addition to Schmeichel, the current number 1 goalkeeper, there are also two other highly prominent goalkeepers, Ronnow and Christensen. Among them, Christensen is expected to be Schmeichel's future successor.


    The Denmark Euro 2024 squad includes defenders with rich experience who have competed in many major tournaments. Some of the most impressive defensive players of Olsen-banden include Andreas Christensen, Joachim Andersen, Simon Kjaer, Maehle, Nelsson, and Alexander Bah. With a highly impressive and experienced defensive lineup, Denmark is expected to have the best defense at Euro 2024. Especially with their counter-attacking defensive style, the role of the defense becomes extremely important.


    Denmark doesn't have a midfield that is as flashy as other national teams, but they have many talented players in the middle of the park. The midfield in the Denmark Euro 2024 squad will feature notable names like Eriksen, Delaney, Jensen, Olsen, Hojbjerg, and Daniel Wass. With a well-organized midfield system and good depth, the Denmark national team always proves to be a tough opponent. The midfield positions are played flexibly, with players often switching positions. This creates quick transitions and helps the attacking players approach the opponent's goal rapidly.


    Key Players Expected from Denmark

    Forward Position

    The Denmark Euro 2024 squad boasts several prominent figures in the forward line. Some have left a strong impression and performed successfully in previous major tournaments, such as Damsgaard and Dolberg. In addition, Denmark has also produced many quality forwards with sharp goal-scoring abilities, such as Poulsen and Jonas Wind. With an attacking lineup featuring many standout players, the team known as Olsen-banden is expected to score many goals at the upcoming Euro tournament.

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    Through this article, V9Bet has introduced the Denmark Euro 2024 squad to football fans. You can see that these are famous and experienced players, indicating Denmark's ambition for the tournament in Germany next year. If you want to learn more interesting and exciting football information, please visit V9Bet.