Croatia Euro 2024 Squad Aims for Their First Championship
The news about Croatia's Euro 2024 squad has garnered special attention from football fans. Can Croatia's golden generation make it to the championship?
11/10/2023 - Update: V9Bet

Croatia Euro 2024 Squad: The Courage of the Veterans

The Croatia Euro 2024 squad is currently a hot topic of discussion on football forums. The team, currently ranked 6th in the FIFA rankings, is set to bring the best-quality players to Euro to pursue their championship dreams. Have you heard of the list of stars in the Croatia national team? Let's find out together in this article by V9Bet.

List of Called-Up Players for Croatia

According to the latest information obtained by V9Bet, Head Coach Dalic has announced the call-up list featuring the best talents in Croatian football. These players have been the cornerstone of the team wearing the checkerboard jersey for many years, specifically:


Croatia Euro 2024 Squad with Seasoned Players

  • Goalkeeper: Right after the success at the 2022 World Cup, goalkeeper Livakovic became Croatia's number one choice between the posts. The 1995-born player is always the first option in crucial matches for the reigning UEFA Nations League runner-up.
  • Defenders: Fans of the checkerboard jersey can rest assured about the quality of Croatia's defense. The Croatia Euro 2024 squad includes the presence of experienced defenders like Lovren, Vida, as well as young players who have performed impressively in recent times, such as Gvardiol and Erlic.
  • Midfielders: The familiar names in the midfield are Modric, Perisic, Brozovic, and Kovacic. These are well-known midfielders who have played together for many years in major tournaments like the Euro and the World Cup.
  • Forwards: The Croatia Euro 2024 squad boasts several quality forwards, including Kramaric and Orsic.

Strength of the Current Croatia National Team

After the announcement of the Croatia Euro 2024 squad, many renowned football experts have given high praise for the depth and experience of these players. The checkerboard jersey national team still includes familiar faces who have achieved great success over the years.


The Strength Lies in the Experience and Courage of Croatia

Goalkeeper Position

In the Croatia national team's goal, there are many quality choices, with Livakovic being the most outstanding. Especially after his impressive performance at the 2022 World Cup, the 1995-born goalkeeper has become the team's number one choice. With excellent reflexes, Livakovic provides a sense of security for fans of the Croatia national team. Many experts even humorously say that he holds 50% of the team's chances of winning.

Defender Position

TAt the moment, Croatia's strength still relies heavily on its defense. With a combination of experienced veterans and the youth of emerging stars, the team's defense is highly rated. The Croatia Euro 2024 squad features several standout defenders, including Vida, Lovren, Gvardiol, Sosa, Sutalo, Juranovic, and Erlic. These are all excellent players who are currently playing for top clubs in Europe.

Midfielder Position

The greatest strength of the Croatia national team will undoubtedly lie in the midfield, with many talented players. In the past decade, the checkerboard jersey team has had the service of world-class midfielders such as Luka Modric, Kovacic, Perisic, and Brozovic. Although these players are getting older, they are still quality midfielders with the ability to regulate play, intercept, and take impressive shots. Among them, the role of maestro Modric is irreplaceable under Coach Dalic's reign. The 1985-born player is always the conductor of the game, with an impressive ability to orchestrate the midfield. Modric not only provides pinpoint passes that help teammates score but also takes dangerous shots on goal himself.


Maestro Modric Leads the Midfield

Forward Position

In the Croatia Euro 2024 squad proposed by Coach Dalic, there are not too many choices in the attacking department. However, the forwards called up to the checkerboard jersey national team to prepare for Euro 2024 in Germany are all quality players, such as Kramaric, Petkovic, and Orsic. During the European Championship qualification campaign, these stars have shone and scored crucial goals for Coach Dalic's team.

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So, we have just explored the information about the Croatia Euro 2024 squad. This will be the last major tournament for many seasoned players in the checkerboard jersey. Therefore, Coach Dalic wants to bring the brightest stars to Germany to compete for the championship. To stay updated with the latest news about the Croatia national team and other European national teams, visit V9Bet.