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24 Nov 2023
Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 – The final peak of his career
Can Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 conquer the championship with Portugal? Let's analyze the performance of legendary CR7 this season.

Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024: Exploding with the championship with Portugal

Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 is expected to be the leader of the attack to help Portugal go as far as possible. This is shown through the extremely impressive performance of the 38-year-old striker when he "fired" continuously in the recent qualifying round. Please follow V9Bet's following article to discover CR7's impressive statistics.

Cristiano Ronaldo – life and career

Before following Cristiano Ronaldo's Euro 2024 performance in the European Football Cup qualifying matches, you need to know some basic information about this star. Ronaldo was born on February 5, 1985 in Portugal. He is currently a professional football player playing for Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League and is the mainstay of the team.

During his career, Cristiano Ronaldo has played for many of the most famous and powerful teams in Europe. He started playing professional football for Sporting Lisbon of Portugal and made his debut at the age of 17. With his talent, CR7 was interested and recruited by Man United. Under Sir Alex's reign, Ronaldo became a valuable player in contemporary soccer.

The career of the star born in 1985 really brightened during his time with Real Madrid. Here, Ronaldo continuously broke records and won countless titles with the White Vultures. After that, CR7 landed at Juventus and played quite impressively.


CR7 - Portugal's most prominent player

Currently, Cristiano Ronaldo is playing for Al Nassr - the leading club in the Saudi Arabia championship. He is also an important member of the Portuguese team participating in many major tournaments. This star and his team won Euro 2016 and Nations League 2019.

Playing style and position on the field

When mentioning Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 , fans will remember a versatile player. This star can play in any position on the offensive line and shine.

Competing style

When learning about Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 , you will definitely know that this superstar has an extremely smart playing style. From a young age, Ronaldo was famous for his technical skills, speed and impressive solo situations. CR7's magical legs have shaken many defenses in the Premier League as well as La Liga.

The striker born in 1985 is a diligent, persistent and active player. He operates mainly on the left wing and tends to dribble the ball inside before launching shots. V9Bet experts evaluate him as someone who can shine at any time.

Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024's strongest point is his ability to score goals. Up to now, CR7 is the best striker in world history with more than 850 goals. The 38-year-old striker possesses excellent finishing skills with both feet, heading, long-range shooting and free kicks.


Enthusiastic playing style of the 38-year-old striker

Forte position

During his top career, Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 was often positioned as a left wing striker or striker. With the ability to skillfully dribble and make impressive breakthroughs, CR7 always makes it difficult for opponents to mark him.

At the present time, Ronaldo can no longer maintain the best physical condition, so coach Martinez has made derdr CR7 play the highest in attack. That helps him best distribute his physical strength towards his goal of scoring.

Predict performance at Euro 2024 finals


Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 - the number 1 hope of the football team

In the Euro 2024 qualifying matches, Cristiano Ronaldo scored many goals to help the Portuguese team win tickets to the finals. According to statistics obtained by V9Bet, after 7 matches with the team, the striker born in 1985 scored 9 goals and had 1 assist. This is an extremely impressive performance for a 38-year-old striker.

Besides, Ronaldo is also maintaining very high form at Al Nassr. This star has 16 goals and 9 assists in 17 matches played. If he continues to maintain the above regular scoring record, Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 will certainly be a player worth watching. With such impressive performance, coach Martinez expects CR7 to take the lead in scoring goals to help the Portuguese team win the championship for the second time in history.

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So, we have just learned together about Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2024 - one of the best strikers in the history of the tournament. The 38-year-old star will definitely be the name most expected by fans at the European Football Cup. Please follow V9Bet to update information about famous players.

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