Euro 2024's Group of Death: A Tough Test for Elite Teams
The Group of Death in Euro 2024: Explore the pinnacle challenges as top contenders face fierce groups. Let's learn about the tough groups and great opportunities to prove their worth.
18/08/2023 - Author: V9BET

The Group of Death in Euro 2024: An opportunity to showcase their prowess for top contenders

The Euro 2024 qualifiers are currently underway, filled with tension and excitement. The teams considered contenders for a direct ticket to the final tournament are steadily advancing towards their goal. Let's review the results of the Group of Death in EURO 2024 to accurately assess the situation of these national teams.


List of Euro 2024 groups

The two Group of Death groups

Group B: The world champions, the French national team, have shown their excellence with 4 wins and 12 points, scoring 9 goals and conceding none. Meanwhile, the Netherlands, the second-favorite for qualification, struggled with 1 win and 1 loss, earning 3 points. Greece, with 6 points from 2 wins and 1 loss, temporarily occupies the second place in the group's standings. So, in this group, the division is not entirely clear yet as the Netherlands have only played 2 matches, fewer than their opponents, and their performance is expected to improve in the remaining stages of the season.


The teams in Group B

Group F: The Austrian national team has shown efficiency in each match, despite being in the same group as Belgium and Sweden. Certainly, this is a competition between three heavyweight contenders for 2 qualifying spots, as Estonia and Azerbaijan are not considered competitive teams. Currently, Austria has 10 points after 4 matches, Belgium has played three rounds with 7 points, and Sweden has 3 points. The unstable form has put Sweden in a difficult position.


The teams in Group F

In the remaining groups, Portugal, Switzerland, Turkey, and England have all demonstrated their strength by holding the top positions in the standings. This is understandable as the teams in their respective groups are not considered at the same level as the top European representatives. After the conclusion of the qualifying matches, teams that were not successful will have the opportunity to secure a spot through the playoff rounds. The slots will be distributed to the leagues from A to C, with each league having one spot.

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At present, Kazakhstan, Israel, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Scotland, and Georgia all hold spots for participation in the Play-offs.